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Last Updated: Monday, 6 February 2006, 08:14 GMT
Relatives attack sunk ferry firm
Angry relatives of hundreds of passengers killed when a ferry sank in the Red Sea on Friday have attacked the offices of the ship's owners.

A mob broke into Al-Salam Maritime's offices in Safaga, Egypt, and began throwing the contents onto the street, the Associated Press reports.

They destroyed furniture and burnt a large photo of a ferry, before riot police used tear gas to restore order.

About 800 people are missing from the sinking of the al-Salam Boccaccio '98.

Relatives have been frustrated by lack of information about their loved ones.

About 1,400 people were on board the ship when it sank after a fire broke out on Thursday evening.

Police say more than 400 survivors have now been rescued, and 195 bodies recovered.

'Delayed response'

Most of the passengers were Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia, and others were said to be pilgrims returning from Mecca.

Relatives' anger at the lack of information has grown as more details have been released about what happened to the ship, the BBC's Ian Pannell in Safaga says.

The rescue mission is reported to have been launched several hours after the ferry sank.

And the crew are accused of ignoring warnings to evacuate after the fire broke out on board and the ship began to list.

One survivor told the BBC the alarm system was not working. Others say there were not enough lifeboats and lifejackets for all the passengers.


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