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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 February 2006, 20:47 GMT
Gaza militants killed in strike
Two Palestinian militants, including a senior Islamic Jihad bomb-maker, have been killed in a missile strike in the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad named the dead bomb-maker as Adnan Bustan.

The group said he had been on his way to launch an attack in retaliation for an Israeli helicopter strike earlier in the day that killed three people.

The Israeli military has made no comment on the second attack, which hit two cars in the east of Gaza city.

Adnan Bustan is believed to have headed Islamic Jihad's engineering and manufacturing unit, which produces rockets and explosives.

The other dead militant was identified as Jihad al-Sawafiri, thought to have been in charge of the militants that launch the rockets.

The BBC's Alan Johnston said two cars were struck - the occupants of the first car survived while the second car appeared to be trying to escape when it was hit.

The attacks happened in the Zeitun neighbourhood of Gaza on Sunday evening.

Overnight on Saturday, three Palestinian militants were killed in Israel's first air strike on the Gaza Strip since Hamas's sweeping victory in parliamentary elections last month.

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