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Press anger over Israel attack

With the London bomb attacks fresh in the mind, newspapers in both Israel and the Palestinian territories condemn the suicide attack in Netanya on Tuesday in which three people died.

Israeli commentators believe that the Palestinian authorities are too weak to tackle extremist organisations like Islamic Jihad.

Palestinian commentators fret that such attacks play into Israel's hands and could benefit settlers seeking to stop Israel's planned withdrawal from Palestinian territory.

Four days ago the Palestinian president invited himself to Damascus to meet with the heads of the of the rejectionist organisations, foremost Islamic Jihad. Abu Mazen [aka Mahmoud Abbas] demanded of the heads of the organisations and of the Syrians that they stop the military activity and assist him with the calm. Yesterday's terrorist attacks are the reply: They simply spat in his face.

Commentary in Israel's Yediot Aharonot

It is possible to examine the helplessness of the [Palestinian] Authority, not only in foiling terror against Israel, but also in the internal Palestinian context... when the PA refuses to demonstrate determination and power in defending its own men, one has to be especially na´ve to believe that it would take real actions against hardened terrorist cells like those of Islamic Jihad.

Commentary in Israel's Ma'ariv

The Palestinian leadership would have the world believe that it has embarked on a creative enterprise, in contrast to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who seek to destroy Israel through terrorism. But [Mahmoud] Abbas' refusal to touch, let alone dismantle, the infrastructure of terrorism that he has committed to eliminating destroys that contention. His refusal to act led directly to yesterday's terror attacks and places full responsibility for them on his doorstep.

The international community must help Israel make the Palestinians understand that terrorism will neither build them a state nor destroy ours. There is no excuse for continuing to 'help Abu Mazen' when such 'help' only encourages him to stay on the unacceptable course he is on. The refusal to recognise this will only cost more Israeli and Palestinian lives.

Jerusalem Post editorial

Yesterday's terrorist attack in Netanya constitutes a reminder to whoever wanted to forget: terrorism is alive, exists and breathes like a heap of embers rekindled by the wind. Yesterday's terrorist attack is an Islamic Jihad challenge to the Palestinian Authority and its head Abu Mazen.

Yediot Aharonot editorial

Behind yesterday's attack is the most deadly network operating today in the territories: the Islamic Jihad in northern Samaria. The building of the [separation] fence has reduced the risk of the attacks, but has certainly not ended them.

Commentary in Ha'aretz

Last week, following the terror offensive in London, someone in Sharon's bureau remembered those damned days after the Park hotel terrorist attack in the same Netanya more than three years ago when no one came, no one telephoned (barring a sole call from [then US Secretary of State] Colin Powell). And here is Israel today not walking alone. The telephone never stops ringing.

Commentary in Ma'ariv

The operation was wrong in place and time and has turned us into hostages to the Israeli pursuit of Islamic Jihad. Both sides fail to acknowledge the lull and continue to fight a mini war. Days after the London bombings, this serves to give Israel an additional victory in the media which could enable it to cover up its settlement activity.

Commentary in Palestinian Al-Hayat al-Jadidah

Lawlessness is like a prodigal son. If no limits are put on it, it will eat up everything. Nothing will remain intact. We should not be afraid of infighting and civil war to eradicate it.

Commentary in Palestinian Al-Quds

President [Mahmoud Abbas]: Netanya operation is crime against our people.

Headline in Al-Quds

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