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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006, 11:38 GMT
Iran press divided over nuclear standoff
Iranian Press

As international pressure mounts to report Iran to the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme, papers in the country debate what to do now.

Some editorials echo President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's defiance and see withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as inevitable, with one calling it "the most prudent option".

A reformist paper thinks however that Iran's present policy is "trapped by slogans", whilst another argues that confrontation is a "lose-lose situation".


In the current situation, if the Western countries want to report Iran's dossier to the UN Security Council, they should know that the first victim of their decision would be Iran's cooperation with the IAEA, and that Iran might pull out of the NPT under the pressure of public opinion.


Pulling out from the NPT is the most prudent option... Recent events regarding Iran's nuclear conflict and the new activities of America, the Europeans and the IAEA make it crystal clear that withdrawal from the NPT is the most rational act that Iran can take.


The members of the Security Council should know that massive pressure on North Korea led to the country withdrawing from the NPT, thereby presenting a big challenge for the international community. So they have to be aware of the repercussions of their overwhelming pressure on Iran if they want to prevent a repetition of the North Korean case.

Iran News

Prudence is needed in perilous times... Pundits described the current situation as political brinkmanship where both sides are waiting to see who blinks first... Confrontation is not the answer and would be a lose-lose situation for all parties involved.


Increasing pressure on Iran or using certain levers to make Iran drop its nuclear activities will cause Tehran to react firmly and force it to use its own many levers... Constructive co-operation is the best option in the nuclear conflict.


Iran's policies for finding a way out of the current crisis and challenges have been imprisoned by a series of slogans that were useful in the electoral campaigns. By being trapped by these slogans and ignoring the realities of the world, Iran has strengthened America's position, and the European countries that used to be Iran's allies are now in America's camp. The strategy of negotiating with the East [Russia and China] has failed.


Although many experts have repeatedly announced that Russia is not a reliable partner, Iran's diplomats have not learnt anything with regard to this, and once more this country has left Iran isolated... Russia and China, who set out to play an influential role in Iran's nuclear case, only thought of their own economic benefits and finally sided with the Europeans... Iran's strategy in this case has not been successful.

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