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Key extracts: Saddam court tirade

Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein has been on trial since October

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has walked out of court just minutes after the resumption of his trial for murder.

The following are key extracts from his heated exchange with the new presiding chief judge, Raouf Abdul Rahman, as reported by AFP news agency.

[Saddam denounces the court as being run by Americans and says he and his seven co-defendants will reject any lawyers appointed by the court.]

Saddam Hussein: "Anyone appointed by you we reject them. This is my right, to give up my right to an attorney. [pointing at the court appointed lawyers] If you stay here you are evil people. This is my right, don't force me."

Judge Rahman: "I am not forcing you."

Saddam Hussein: "I respect you as an Iraqi, unless you have given up your Iraqi nationality."

Saddam Hussein: "I want to leave the court."

Judge Rahman: "You do not leave, I allow you to leave when I want to."

[Judge Rahman orders him to leave]

Saddam Hussein: "You are an Iraqi, you cannot order me like that. I led you for 35 years."

Judge Rahman: "I have practised law for the last 35 years. I am the judge and you are the defendant, you have to obey me."

Saddam Hussein: "I understand my rights and the rights of the others. The defendant is innocent until proven guilty, that's what we learned in the law while we were students."

Saddam Hussein: "Down with traitors! Down with America!"

[Saddam is led from the court]

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