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Iranian blogs debate nuclear row
Alireza Doostdar's Persian Blog
Blogs are relatively unregulated compared to other media in Iran
Iranian bloggers are commenting extensively on the nuclear row between Iran and the West.

A significant number of bloggers seem to blame President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in particular for the crisis and suggest that he has taken Iran to the brink of war.

The sports lovers are worried that the Iranian team may be expelled from the World Cup because of the nuclear issue and Mr Ahmadinejad's comments on Israel and the Holocaust.

There are expressions of confidence about support for Iran in the Islamic world and suggestions that Iranian politicians are playing a sophisticated game.

Below are some blog entries:

'It smells of war' - Rah-e Man (My Way), 18 January

I wish God would take this sense of national honour away from us; no, I wish He wouldn't but I wish we'd use it at appropriate times...

Why is it that our planes crash, our buildings collapse at the slightest tremor, our cars burst into flames, we don't have even a half-standard football stadium in the entire country, but when it comes to nuclear energy, it's a national issue?!... Anyway, it smells of war. God help us. Our people have suffered a lot over these past 100 years.

'Deflecting public opinion' - Daftar-e bi Mokhatab (Notebook without a Reader), 17 January

Mr Ahmadinejad didn't mention in any of his campaign slogans that, if he became president, he intended to remove Israel from the map...

Iranian blog
Persian and French are the second-most popular languages for bloggers

I also don't recall him promising that he'd take the nuclear file to the point of having international sanctions imposed on the country, having the file referred to the Security Council, sacrificing the country's economic interests and war...

What has brought the government to this point today is that it's realised that it's not capable of fulfilling even 5% of its campaign slogans... so it wants to deflect domestic public opinion by creating constant international crises in order to pretend that it's foreigners who are preventing the government from fulfilling its promises.

Opposition to sanctions - Sarzamin-e Aftab (Land of the Sun), 18 January

Well, the uranium enrichment crisis seems to have reached its acute stages and it's becoming more severe every day. What's the world to do in the face of this problem? Like most Iranians, I'm opposed to any kind of solution that inflicts suffering on the people.

Support in the Islamic world - Amshaspand, 24 January

Since I know a lot of Arabs and Muslims, I have to say that they're very, very happy for Iran to even have nuclear weapons. And their argument is always based on the problem of Israel.

I've talked to a lot of Britons and Europeans too. They too say that it's Iran's right, because Israel has this technology too.

'Who says Iran is different from Iraq?' - Kaveh Shojai's Yaddashtha-ye Gah va Bigah (Occasional Writings), 24 January

I think that it might be possible to do something before we're taken to the Security Council, but I doubt it'll be possible afterwards, because, after referral, Iran will cease its voluntary cooperation measures and inspectors will probably not be allowed into Iran. Who says Iran is different from Iraq?

'Count yourself lucky' - Khatt-e Qermez (Red Line), 24 January

Today, my American professor told me: You Iranians should count yourselves lucky that we attacked Iraq, because if we hadn't attacked them, we'd have attacked you by now!

'Congratulations Mr President!' - After Rain, 16 January

Greetings Mr President! I wanted to congratulate you. God willing, you're on a roll, taking our dear country towards ruin... I won't allow the flames of war, ruin, famine and wretchedness to be lit in my country. I don't want to be shamed any further before the world. I don't want war! I don't want nuclear energy. This oil is more than enough for me.

'God help us!' - Daftar-e Khaterat (Memoirs), 24 January

God help us. And it's only been five months [since Ahmadinejad became president]. We still have three years and six months to go - if it isn't extended.

Indifference - Bedun-e Virayesh (Unedited), 18 January

Come on you guys. It's really bad to be so indifferent to the country's current affairs and to be totally immersed in personal concerns. I was talking to a friend today about recent political-social issues, the possibility of an embargo and so on, and I realized that they couldn't care less and were only concerned about their own banal affairs.

We all have something called social responsibility. Look how the Europeans are involved in all kinds of movements now for the sake of future generations. But all we think about is our research and finishing our theses and we couldn't care less what's happening in the world.

Football - Rendaane, 17 January

They want to deprive Iran of the right to play in the World Cup on the pretext that Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

Exploitation - Man Iraniam (I am Iranian), 11 January

There's a few things about the Persepolis-Bayern [Munich] match I want to write about... When the names of the two teams' players came onto the TV screen, a sentence in English was added to it as a caption: "The peaceful usage of nuclear energy is the definite claim of the Iranian."...

Iranian blog Rah-e Man
There are now more than 100,000 active blogs in Iran

We Iranians are used to being exploited. But, broadcasting the match internationally via satellite and sticking that sentence underneath as a caption and therefore insulting the foreign viewers' intelligence and exploiting everything, even sports, which is supposed to be kept apart from politics, only shows the uselessness of people who, instead of reassessing their words and deeds, have made bellowing their top priority.

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