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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 July, 2005, 06:53 GMT 07:53 UK
Iraq bomber kills police recruits
A suicide bomber has killed 20 people outside an elite police recruiting centre in the Iraqi capital.

The attacker wore an explosive-laden belt and blew himself up in the Yarmouk neighbourhood, said interior ministry spokesman Adnan Abdul Rahman.

Most of those killed were recruits for the commando force, Mr Rahman said.

This is the latest attack targeting Iraq's security forces. The violence has increased since Iraq's new government was installed in April.


Col Rahman said the attack happened at about 0900 (0500 GMT) close to the commando headquarters, which has been targeted in the past.

"A suicide bomber wearing an explosives vest blew himself up among a group waiting to sign up to join the commandos," he said .

At least 20 people were treated at the Yarmouk hospital, doctors said.

The BBC's Jon Leyne reports from the Iraqi capital that the special police commando unit is the pride of Iraq's security forces.

They have often taken the lead in tackling the Iraqi insurgency, our correspondent says.

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