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Last Updated: Friday, 1 July, 2005, 06:30 GMT 07:30 UK
Military reopens Gaza settlements
Israeli troops carry away a Jewish protester in Gaza
Jewish protesters are trying to resist the withdrawal
Gaza's Jewish settlements have been reopened, a day after the Israeli army declared them a closed military zone.

The army had temporarily sealed off all 21 settlements to prevent an influx of non-resident activists opposed to the Gaza withdrawal.

The move followed recent clashes between Jewish right-wingers and Israeli troops in southern Gaza.

On Thursday, soldiers raided a former hotel to remove 150 Jewish activists opposed to the pullout.


A military statement said the lifting of the order followed the "completion of the mission of taking over and the evacuation of the hotel in Neve Dekalim, as well as the radical groups inside it".

A military spokesman said restrictions remained in place to prevent the entry of equipment that might be used to "thwart or prevent the application of the disengagement plan".

All the Gaza settlements were declared off limits on Thursday to anyone but residents, workers in essential services and journalists.

The pullout, which is due to begin in August, will see the removal of settlers from all 21 Gaza settlements, and from four out of 120 in the West Bank.

Up to 5,000 settlers will be relocated to a prime coastal area in southern Israel, Nitzanim.

On Thursday, about 600 Israeli troops raided the derelict Palm Beach hotel, where Jewish protesters had been stockpiling food and weapons.

Soldiers went from room to room to remove those inside. Most protesters went peacefully while others were dragged out by their arms and legs.

Correspondents say Gaza's southern settlements have seen an influx of right-wingers preparing to confront the army.

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