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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 January 2006, 17:24 GMT
Bombings kill 15 in Iraq capital
Mother learns of her son's death in one of the Baghdad bomb attacks
Thursday's attacks are the latest in a week of violence
At least 15 people have been killed and 26 wounded in two near-simultaneous bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Iraqi police say.

The first attack came from a suicide bomber who walked into a crowded cafe in the centre of the city and killed at least 12 civilians.

At least three policemen died soon after when a car bomb exploded as they passed a nearby restaurant.

News has also emerged of a mass killing north of Baghdad on Wednesday.

Reports say between 12 and 30 civilians were shot dead by gunmen who stopped them at checkpoints near Dujail - the town at the centre of Saddam Hussein's trial where an alleged massacre took place in 1982.

Iraqi security forces are also still searching for 34 police recruits abducted north of Baghdad on Tuesday amid reports that at least some of them were later shot dead in execution-style killings.

Weeping men

Security has been tightened across Baghdad ahead of the announcement of the final figures from last month's parliamentary election.

Map of Baghdad

But the BBC's correspondent in Baghdad, Jonny Dymond, says any extra security measures have clearly failed.

Wooden tables and chairs were strewn over the bloodstained pavement in central Baghdad where the double bombings took place.

Body parts lay scattered outside and several cars were set alight.

As rescue workers treated some of the wounded at the scene, two men cried over the dead bodies of two men covered up with bloodied blankets.

The explosions happened on Saadoun street, close to the heavily fortified hotels which house many of the foreigners who still live and work in the city.

In another incident on Thursday, Iraqi troops reported killing three gunmen who had attacked a checkpoint in western Baghdad.

See the damage caused by the bomb attacks

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