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One Day in Iraq: 7 June in figures
The BBC News Website's One Day in Iraq coverage chronicled in detail events in Iraq over a single day. Ranging from violence to cinema and hostages to heat, here is a statistical snapshot of post-war Iraq from midnight to midnight on 7 June 2005.

18 in three bombings, Hawija area (AP)
4 soldiers, ambush, north of Baghdad (AFP)
4 policemen, separate incidents, Baghdad (AFP)
4 Kurdish militiamen, Mosul (AFP)
3 civilians, mortar attack, Falluja (AFP)
3 students, Mosul (AFP)
2 teachers, Ramadi (al-Arabiya)
2 unknown, Mosul (AFP)
1 foreign ministry employee, Baghdad (AFP, AP)
1 Sunni cleric, Basra (AP, Reuters)

Not all reported incidents are confirmed. Sources are shown in brackets.

42 Iraqis reported killed in insurgency-related violence
Sources: See factbox

67 people reported injured in four bombings - three in the northern town of Hawija and one in Baghdad
Source: AP

3 US soldiers killed
Source: US military

1 foreign hostage taken
Source: AP, Reuters

40 foreign hostages believed to be alive in detention
Source: Reuters

20 suspected insurgents captured in Tal Afar
Source: Local police, AP

50,000 reward (US$) offered by Iraqi government for suspected insurgent leader Abu Abdallah al-Chaffei
Source: Iraqi Government

8,000 Iraqi troops operating in Baghdad
Source: Reuters

30,000 US troops operating in Baghdad
Source: Reuters

30-40,000 Iraqi police operating in Baghdad
Source: Reuters

887 suspected militants arrested in Operation Lightning (22 May to 5 June)
800 checkpoints established around Baghdad (22 May to 5 June)
880 (at least) killed in violence since government formed in late April

1,800,000 barrels of oil produced
Source: Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (May average)

25 percent of Iraqis completely dependent on government food hand-outs
Source: UNDP/Iraqi Government

50 percent of Iraqis with no access to safe drinking water
Source: UNDP/Iraqi Government

13 hours of electricity in Baghdad (approximate)
Source: Baghdad residents

4 hours of electricity in Basra (approximate)
Source: Basra residents

10 cinemas open in Baghdad (at least)
Source: BBC Baghdad bureau

46 degrees Celsius - maximum temperature in Basra, in the southern and hottest part of Iraq
Source: BBC Weather

1,464 Iraqi dinars to one US dollar
Source: www.xe.com


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