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Last Updated: Monday, 16 May, 2005, 16:52 GMT 17:52 UK
More dead bodies found in Iraq
Soldiers in hospital in Iraq on Monday
The death toll in Iraq so far in May has soared to more than 450
Iraqi police say they have found the bodies of 21 more men who appear to have been killed in an execution style at different locations around Baghdad.

This brings the total of men found killed in this manner during the past three days alone to over 50.

These execution-style murders have become a new trend in the violence in Iraq, where 450 have died in May alone.

Six people were also killed in two bomb attacks on Monday - one in Baghdad, one north of the city.

Many of the 21 bodies found were bound, blindfolded and shot in the back of the head while some had been beheaded.

Such killings have been condemned by the government, which sees them as an attempt to whip up communal conflict and attract recruits to militant groups.

Meanwhile, an attack on an army camp north of Baghdad killed four Iraqi soldiers, while in the city itself, two civilians died

In the first incident in Khan Bani Saad, the soldiers were attacked as they arrived at the town's fire station after it had come under mortar fire, officials said.

In Baghdad, a bomb exploded as an Iraqi army convoy passed through the Saydia district - killing two civilians and injured four other people.

Two Iraqi journalists working for a Kuwaiti TV station and their driver have been found dead south of Baghdad.

An Iraqi army official said the two journalists, Ali Jasim al-Rumi and Naji Abd Khudayir, were intercepted in the town of Latifiya while on their way to Karbala on Sunday.

He said a gang of armed men travelling in two cars stopped the group and slit their throats before escaping into nearby palm groves.

Shallow graves

Nine bodies were found in the Tigris river south-east of Baghdad where up to 60 victims have been found over the past two months.

Overnight, police discovered bodies in two separate places in north-eastern Baghdad.

Eyewitnesses say they saw a pickup truck stop at a road in a desolate area. Men got out, pulled eight bodies off the back of the truck and drove off.

Another four dead bodies were found nearby. Another two men who had been shot in the head were also found alive in the same place.

On Sunday, police discovered a shallow grave of 13 men in the Shia-dominated area known as Sadr city.

Residents said three men from a truck dumped the bodies there early in the morning and covered them with earth.

All the victims had been shot in the head. They were wearing civilian clothes, but had no identity documents on them.

Another 11 bodies were found in similar circumstances on Saturday.

Footage of Condoleezza Rice on her visit to Iraq


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