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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 May, 2005, 13:43 GMT 14:43 UK
Press ponders rising Iraq violence

Newspapers in Iraq view the recent rise in insurgent attacks as a sign that the resistance has run out of options in its struggle against the new government of Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari.

But one Iraqi commentator also warns that defeating the insurgents has become the yardstick for measuring the government's success or failure.

Elsewhere, regional comment ranges from an urgent Saudi appeal for enhanced stability in Iraq to the suspicion in Iran that the US is working with the insurgents to sabotage the Shia administration and break up the country.

The birth of Jafaari's government after a hard labour came as a step forward, at a time when the armed groups were betting on its failure... Thus, after the progress achieved to overcome all the obstacles, those opposing the change in Iraq have to find alternatives to prove that this government cannot make any change amid the ruin that has devastated the government establishment. They have no option but to resort to chaotic violence that apparently targets the occupiers while it mercilessly takes innocent Iraqi lives.

Iraq's Al-Dustur

The enemies have intensified their brutal attacks, especially after the government was approved by the people's representatives. They want to kill the new-born before they can see the light of day. People, therefore, should deny them this opportunity and work hand-in-hand with the government for an Iraq where security and love prevail.

Iraq's Al-Bayan

The success or failure of the new Iraqi government will be measured by its ability to restore security and put an end to the chaotic instability being fomented by the infamous alliance of international terrorists and the remnants of Saddam Husayn's repressive regime.

Baghdad edition of pan-Arab Al-Sharq al-Awsat

Images of booby-trapped cars are shown in order to distort the image of the Iraqi resistance and its men in the eyes of the Iraqis first, and those of the whole world second... The Iraqi resistance is the only one confronting the US occupation today... The spirit of the resistance is the only way to confront the occupation and all Iraqi people are today forced to brandish their weapons and confront the Americans to make them leave their land.

Ahmad Abu-Zayyid in Egypt's Al-Wafd

The new Iraqi government should clearly differentiate between resistance and terrorism, and must clearly recognise the rights of the Iraqis to resist the occupation with arms.

Egypt's Al-Akhbar

Iraq has become a breeding ground for mercenaries and terrorists, as well as gangs from all over the world. What Iraq needs most at present is an authority that can arouse fear and restore stability in Iraq, putting an end to all these criminal parasites, as well as being in control of all military operations in the country, even those carried out by the occupation forces.

Saudi Al-Jazirah

Since Iraq's first popular government was formed on 28 April, terrorist attacks have increased in the country... The Americans' inability to stop these terrorist attacks despite their modern military equipment is suspicious. The US occupiers are trying to spark a sectarian war in Iraq in order to dismember the country.

Iran's Tehran Times

Spreading terrorist attacks to the northern and southern parts of Iraq - something unprecedented in the past two years - on the one hand, and America's pressure to impose its favourite figures on the Iraqi government on the other hand, proves there is close co-ordination between the terrorists and the occupiers, particularly because American forces have rarely been targeted in the recent attacks. The remnants of the Baath regime and those groups that had boycotted the election are trying to open a can of worms for the Shia government of Iraq.

Iran's Siyasat-e-Ruz

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