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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2005, 15:18 GMT
Jordan uncovers 'militant plot'
Policeman in central Amman
Jordan declared a relentless war on extremists in the wake of attacks
Jordanian prosecutors say four alleged Islamists will stand trial for plotting to kill Americans who train Iraqi police recruits in the kingdom.

The men are charged with conspiracy to commit terror acts and the illegal possession of firearms.

They are alleged to have originally plotted to target Western tourists.

However, they are later said to have changed their plan to target American instructors working at a police centre on the outskirts of the capital Amman.

The conspiracy charge alone carries a death sentence.

The suspects had been tracking the movements of the Americans and were planning a drive-by shooting operation, officials believe.

Investigators say they have detained hundreds of Jordanian Islamists since the start of the year for plotting attacks, far more than in previous years.

Last month, Jordan's King Abdullah called for a relentless war on Muslim extremists in the wake of the suicide bombings in Amman on 9 November.

On Thursday the King Abdullah called on the country's parliament to swiftly introduce new measures to combat terrorism.

In a speech opening a new session of parliament, the King said progress in other areas would not be realised until the security and stability of the country were achieved.


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