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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 November 2005, 11:58 GMT
Kidnapped tourists freed in Yemen
Two Swiss tourists who were kidnapped in Yemen have been handed over unharmed to government officials.

The release of the couple, in the northern province of Marib, came a day after their kidnappers threatened to kill them.

The Yemeni state news agency said the tourists plan to continue their tour of the country.

Bruno and Katrina Bayer were seized on Monday by tribesmen demanding the release of a relative who is in prison.

Foreigners have often been kidnapped by armed tribal groups trying to force some kind of concession out of the Yemeni government but are usually released unharmed.

The Swiss tourists were kidnapped by members of the al-Jizah tribe in an attempt to force the Yemeni authorities to release a 15-year-old family member charged with car theft.

Tribal leaders said the kidnappers had agreed to release the Swiss tourists after the authorities promised to look into the case, AP reported.

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