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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 18:09 GMT
Text: Zawahiri berates Queen
Ayman al-Zawahiri
Al-Zawahiri is described as al-Qaeda's "mastermind"
The following is a transcript of a video message by Ayman al-Zawahiri, a deputy leader of al-Qaeda, in which he praises the London bombings on 7 July and calls England "one of the severest enemies of Islam". He also condemns British Muslim scholars for being in league with the Queen.

I speak to you today about the blessed raid on London which came as a blow to the insolent British Crusader pride and made it take a sip from the same glass from which it had long made the Muslims drink.

The blessed raid which, like its illustrious predecessors in New York, Washington and Madrid took the battle to the enemy's own soul.

After long centuries of his taking the battle to our soil and after his hordes and armed forces occupied our lands in Chechnya, Afghanistan Iraq and Palestine, and after centuries of his occupying our land while enjoying security at home.

This blessed raid, like its illustrious predecessors, came to pass thanks to the racing of the squadrons of Islam to achieve martyrdom in defence of their religion and sanctities and security.

Those squadrons who compete for the pleasure of their Lord, and follow in each other's footsteps to punish the new Zionist Crusade.

So rejoice, people of the Crusader alliance, rejoice at the disasters that the policies of Bush and Blair and those who march behind them have brought upon you and, God willing, will continue to bring upon you.

O People of the Crusader alliance, we have alerted you and warned you, but it appears that you want us to make you taste death in all its horribleness.

So taste some of what you have made us taste.

Didn't the lion of Islam, the mujahid Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, may Allah protect him, offer you a truce so that you might depart from the Islamic lands?

But you were obstinate and were led by arrogance to more crime and your foreign secretary Jack Straw said that these proposals "deserve to be met with our contempt".

So taste the consequences of the insolence of your governments.

Blair has brought disaster to his people in the middle of their capital and shall bring more, God willing.

He continues to exploit the heedlessness and negligence of his people and obstinately insists on treating them as if they are idiots incapable of understanding by repeatedly telling them that what occurred in London had no connection to the crimes he has committed in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

People of the Crusader alliance, Blair isn't only taking lightly the Muslim's blood in Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya, and Afghanistan, he's also taking lightly your blood, because he is taking you to the inferno in Iraq and exposing you to death and killing your own homeland because of his crusade against Islam.

Let Bush, Blair, and those that march behind their Crusader-Zionist banner know that the honourable mujahidin of Islam have made a covenant with their Lord to fight them until victory or martyrdom.

God Almighty says: Can you expect for us any fate other than one of two glorious things? But we can expect for you either that Allah will send his punishment from Himself, or by our hands. So wait expectant; we too will wait with you.

As for the scholars of beggary who gathered in front of the British parliament to demonstrate their support for Blair and attack the mujahidin and seekers of martyrdom, I say to them: why didn't you gather in front of the British parliament when the sanctions murdered a million children in Iraq?

Why didn't you gather in front of the British parliament when the mosques in Afghanistan were bombed with the worshippers inside?

Why did you not gather in front of the British parliament when the Zionist missiles killed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, may God have mercy on him?

Why did you not gather in front of the British parliament when the Crusader bombers pulverised the women and children in Fallujah?

Why did you not gather in front of the British parliament, when America desecrated the holy Koran?

Why didn't you issue a fatwa [religious edict] after each of these crimes declaring Blair a criminal who fights Islam, and that every Muslim must oppose him and refuse to follow or submit to his Crusader regime?

On the contrary, a group of you colluded with the Crusader armies and issued a fatwa allowing Muslims to join the Crusader armies in their attack on Iraq.

Here are the scholars of beggary, O Muslims, working to please Elizabeth, head of the Church of England, and blindly imitate her and issue fatwas according to her school of thought.

They say: "We are British citizens subject to Britain's Crusader laws and we carry its passports and are proud of our submission to Sultan Blair, who fights against Islam, and Elizabeth, head of the Church of England.

The scholars of beggary put forward their usual contradictory misconceptions and say: "We must obey our governments, observe their laws, serve in its army, police, and security services, and pay our taxes to our governments so that they can spend them on killing our sons, daughters and women in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

They say that responding to the Crusaders' crimes inside their countries will harm the Muslims living there.

Those who issue fatwas according to the school of thought of the head of the Church of England pretend they forget that England is one of the severest enemies of Islam and the Muslims; that England toppled the Ottoman empire; that the English commander Allenby said when he entered Jerusalem: "Now the Crusades have finished"; that England created Israel and killed thousands of Palestinian mujahidin; that England killed tens of thousands of Muslims from Delhi to Dinshawai (a village in Egypt) and that it participated in the sanctions against Iraq that killed more than 1 million Iraqi children; and that it participated in the Crusader campaign against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ayman al-Zawahiri's speech was broadcast in a film by Al-Sahab Media Productions entitled Wills of the Knights of London Raid.


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