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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 13:39 GMT
'It was absolute panic and chaos'
The BBC's Caroline Hawley was in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Jordan's capital, Amman, at the time one of three co-ordinated explosions went off.

I was at the Hyatt hotel and had just ordered dinner.

It was just before 9pm, so as you can imagine it was a very busy time for restaurants and bars across Amman, particularly in these kind of hotels that are frequented by Westerners.

A Jordanian policeman guards the shattered front of the Hyatt hotel in Amman
The bomb went off in a lobby-level bar crowded with customers
Suddenly we heard a massive explosion. I saw a ball of orange flames and I heard shattering glass and then people fled in panic.

As you can imagine, there was absolute panic and chaos.

I didn't see what actually happened in the area which took the full force of the blast - we were actually one floor below where the bomb went off.

It appears to have gone off in a restaurant bar on the lobby level on the ground floor. Immediately afterwards people fled.

Hotel staff and guests in the hotel were trying to help the wounded, to talk to them and to try to keep them alive until the emergency services arrived.

There were several people that were very seriously wounded; in fact I think one of them died as he was carried out in front of us.

Police presence

It felt like a really long time until the emergency services arrived, so in the meantime people were trying to put some of the wounded into taxis and private cars to try to get them to hospital to get some treatment.

People help an injured man outside the Hyatt hotel, Amman
Hotel workers and guests rushed to help the injured

Since the police arrived they have been combing the lobby trying to find out what happened.

They have also taken up positions outside other hotels frequented by Westerners to try to prevent any other attacks

There are a lot of people standing on the streets, and guests evacuated from the Hyatt have been moved to a hotel opposite.

I've spoken to a man who treated many of the wounded and he said he saw at least five people dead in the Hyatt hotel, three of whom were hotel staff and two others who appeared to be guests.

He was a visiting doctor from Iraq, who had come to Jordan hoping for a bit of peace and quiet, to take a break from the bombs over there. One of his friends was critically wounded in the blast.

See the scene of the explosions


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