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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 October 2005, 12:29 GMT 13:29 UK
Iran press fumes over UK claims
Iranian Press

Iranian newspapers have been building up a head of steam over the past few days after Britain accused elements in Iran of involvement in fatal attacks against British forces in southern Iraq.

Press commentators accuse Britain of making the claims to increase pressure on Iran to curtail its nuclear ambitions, and question the benefits of continued relations with Whitehall.

Hardline Jomhuri-ye Eslami

The custodians of our foreign policy are not reacting appropriately to the hostile stance of Britain and the impudent behaviour of its government. The new Iranian government has chanted good slogans on how to deal with countries that pursue hostile policies against Iran, but so far nothing has been put into practice. The procrastination of the government in dealing with London will make the British statesmen even more impudent. Limiting our response to a few statements or denials by the foreign ministry spokesman is not proportionate to the wickedness of the British government.

Editorial in Arabic-language Al-Vefagh

Tony Blair's accusations against Iran were only an attempt to cover up the fiasco of the occupation in achieving its illegitimate goals in Iraq. Blair had the insolence to talk about a possible Iranian interference in southern Iraq. Since it occupied Iraq, Britain has been determined to control the oil in the south and to send its agents to sow civil strife by carrying out terrorist operations. This shows the extent of the British fox's policy gamble, the aim of which is to plunder the natural wealth of the oppressed Iraqis.

Commentator in hardline Kayhan

Iran's arch enemy is Great Britain which in addition to hatching plots on every issue, drags other countries along with it. It has always taken steps against Iran throughout history.

MP writing in reformist Mardom-Salari

We have lost more than we have gained from friendship with Britain and Britain has perpetrated nothing but crimes against Iran. Britain should be shut out from Iran once and for all and this country should not be allowed to perpetrate such sly mischief against Iran.

Statement by conservative movement quoted in moderate Iran

We urge the country's statesmen to revisit Iran's diplomatic and trade relations with the British government. We call on them to formulate a new strategy and plan in order to prevent further mischievous plots by that old hyena of conspiracy and divisiveness.

Comment in moderate Iran News

Recent remarks made by Blair and other British officials can be assessed from several viewpoints. Firstly, the remarks may be a reaction to Iran's claims about the role of British agents during the recent unrest in Khuzestan Province. Secondly, it should be noted that only a couple of weeks have passed since the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] Board of Governors issued its anti-Iran resolution and they are determined to put more pressure on Iran. Therefore, as long as they have not achieved their goal in dissuading Iran from access to peaceful nuclear technology, such allegations are sure to recur.

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