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Last Updated: Friday, 4 March, 2005, 16:48 GMT
Women protest over Sinai arrests
Egyptian police officers outside the bomb-damaged Taba Hilton
The main blast happened at the Taba Hilton hotel
Dozens of Egyptian women have held a protest at the continuing detention of their male relatives after last year's bombings at Sinai tourist resorts.

Up to 50 women in the town of El Arish shouted anti-government slogans, prompting police to seal off the area.

Last week, US-based group Human Rights Watch said up to 2,400 people had been rounded up after the October attacks.

Thirty-four people died, and 150 were injured, in the blasts which targeted resorts popular with Israeli tourists.

The attacks targeted the Hilton hotel in Taba and backpacker beaches near the resort of Nuweiba.

The women protesters, dressed in black robes that left only their eyes uncovered, complained that their husbands and sons were innocent of involvement in the attacks.

Human Rights Watch's report said the detainees had been denied access to lawyers or their families and some had been tortured.

The Egyptian authorities have never revealed exactly how many people they have in custody, correspondents say.

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