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Press marks intifada anniversary
Middle East Press

Palestinian papers see the fifth anniversary of the intifada as a celebration of what they see as their struggle against the Israeli occupation. But there are also worries about lawlessness and factional infighting.

An Israeli paper denies that Ariel Sharon's visit to Temple Mount five years ago sparked the uprising. Another says that a decision to reopen the case of 13 pro-Palestinian protestors killed by police at the time will be welcomed by Israel's Arabs.

Editorial in Palestinian Al-Quds

The fifth anniversary of al-Aqsa Intifada... is a distinguished and historic example of an event deciding the destiny of the Palestinian people in its long struggle to achieve its national goals... Despite all the losses, the Israeli government has not learned the lesson from these grave events and continues to expand the settlements and close in on Arab Jerusalem, while ignoring its roadmap commitments.

Commentary by Rawiah al-Shawa in Palestinian Al-Quds

The security lawlessness is not just limited to the carrying of arms by groups of adventurers or individuals affiliated to political organisations. This is just part of the phenomenon. We are talking about general principles that need to be addressed... The Palestinian Authority and we as a society have all turned into spectators.

Commentary by Abdallah Awad in Palestinian Al-Ayyam

The slogans [against lawlessness] mean nothing. Actions are the only indicator on the Palestinian scene at this moment. We are heading towards the unknown as a result of the chronic chaos, lawlessness and absence of rationality, which is in the interest of the jokers ruling the Palestinian people and leading it from one abyss to another. The people are helpless amidst the factional militias.

Commentary by Talal Awkal in Palestinian Al-Ayyam

It is possible to consider what happened in the past five years as a Palestinian-Israeli war. The Palestinian people was not the only one to be hurt; the Israeli people suffered too. The only difference is that the Palestinian people is more prepared to accept the peace option... The Israelis by contrast declined to do this and proved incapable of undergoing the peace experience.

Commentary by Muhammad Yaghi in Palestinian Al-Ayyam

It is in the Palestinian people's interest that everyone participates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, so that their results reflect the factions' power... It would be wrong for Israel to think that preventing Hamas from participating in the elections would be in its interest... If Hamas joins the parliament, it and the other factions would be committed to legitimacy because it would part of it.

Commentary by Adli Sadiq in Palestinian Al-Hayat al-Jadidah

Five long years have passed since the outbreak of the second intifada, which is a bitter battle between right, will and freedom on the one hand, and the actions of unjust force that is a parasite on our lands and in our lives on the other... We in the Palestinian national movement must remember Yasser Arafat... as a rock of Palestinian tenacity and a symbol of the people's pride.

Commentary by Ariel Sharon confidant Uri Dan in Israeli Maariv

How good it is that there are Palestinians who keep marking the anniversary of Ariel Sharon's visit to Temple Mount. Otherwise we would perhaps not find a single Jew who remembers... Palestinians commemorate this pejoratively to repeat the lie that the Sharon move led to the outbreak of the war of terror which they unleashed.

Commentary by Roni Shaked in Israeli Yediot Aharonot

The move to re-examine a decision not to charge any police officer [over the killing of 13 pro-Palestinian protestors at the start of the intifada five years ago] is a partial success for the struggle of Israel's Arabs. As far as they are concerned this is an achievement and they will not allow the subject to drop from the agenda.

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