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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 September 2005, 16:58 GMT 17:58 UK
Bomb targets Lebanon TV anchor
Remains of Ms Chidiac 's vehicle
Ms Chidiac is in a serious condition after the blast
A Lebanese television journalist has been seriously wounded by a bomb blast in her car north of the capital Beirut.

May Chidiac, a news anchor for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC), was taken to hospital and said to be in a critical condition.

LBC, a Christian-owned TV station, is reputed to be one of the most prominent anti-Syrian media outlets in Lebanon.

Beirut has seen a wave of recent blasts, including one that killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Leg and arm amputated

Ms Chidiac is well-known for hosting political programmes.

LBC said the bomb had been planted under the driver's seat of her Range Rover and exploded when she turned on the car's ignition.

The station said she had had an arm and a leg amputated.

May Chidiac (Source: LBC)
Ms Chidiac is well-known for hosting political programmes

Several other political figures and members of the public have been killed in bombings since Mr Hariri's death in February.

In June, two prominent anti-Syrian figures were killed in separate bombs.

In July, Elias Murr, defence minister in both the outgoing pro-Syrian cabinet and the incoming anti-Syrian one, was wounded in a bomb blast.

Street protests and international pressure following Hariri's death led Syria to withdraw thousands of troops it had stationed in Lebanon as part of a deal ending years of civil war.

See the wreckage of May Chidiac's car



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