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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 22:33 GMT 23:33 UK
Sharon and Musharraf shake hands
UN General Assembly meets on 13 September
The pair are attending a landmark UN summit
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have shaken hands at the UN.

The move comes two weeks after their governments held their first public talks. The Jewish and Muslim-majority states have no formal ties.

"He asked me how I was. I asked him 'How are you?' And that's very good," President Musharraf told reporters.

The men are among some 150 leaders gathered for a UN World Summit to mark the organisation's 60th anniversary.

Mr Sharon's spokesman said they did not discuss diplomatic issues.

Israeli TV said the Pakistani leader had declined an invitation for talks with Mr Sharon during their stay in New York, the Reuters news agency reports.

Correspondents say Israel hopes that its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip could usher in a new period in its largely non-existent ties with many Muslim countries.

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