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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 December, 2004, 00:04 GMT
Israel accused over Syria blast
Damage caused by Damascus blast
Investigators picked through the debris looking for clues
Syria has blamed Israel for a car bomb which exploded in its capital Damascus, wounding three people.

The bomb went off soon after a Palestinian man got out of the car with his wife and daughter. The man was said to be a member of Hamas.

A senior Israeli official called the accusation "nonsense", and said Syria should crack down on "terrorists".

In September, Israel killed a Hamas militant, Izz El-Deen Sheikh Khalil, in Damascus with a bomb in his car.

After the latest attack, Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kenaan said: "The group who carried out this act deals with the Israeli [intelligence agency] Mossad or perhaps it is Mossad itself."

A senior Hamas member in Damascus told the Associated Press news agency that the target was a member of the same organisation, but would not give his name.

But other officials in Damascus said he was Mesbah Abu Hweileh, 35. They said he was taking his family for a dentist appointment.


One eyewitness said the blast had been so strong that the door of his house blew open and all the windows were shattered.

The car was quickly removed by security teams who collected debris on the street in the Mazze area, reports said.

Three passers-by were reported to have been slightly injured by shrapnel or flying glass.

Palestinian sources said the bomb was placed under the driver's seat of the silver 4x4 vehicle.

It was the second explosion in the Mazze district since April, when four people died after a group of attackers detonated a bomb under a car and shot at police.

The Syrian government initially claimed international terrorists were behind that attack - but later said it had been the work of a small, isolated local group.

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