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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 December, 2004, 10:35 GMT
Jewish 'extremist' settler jailed
Palestinian farmer Mustafa Khatatbeh treated after being attacked by Jewish settlers near Nablus, 21 September 2004
Nablus inhabitants say their lives are blighted by settler attacks
An Israeli court has sentenced a Jewish settler to eight years imprisonment for membership of an extremist group.

Shahar Dvir-Zeliger was handed a lesser sentence after co-operating with investigators and leading them to where a weapons cache used by the group.

The cache in a West Bank cave contained guns, anti-tank rockets and ammunition stolen from the Israeli army.

Prosecutors said the Dvir-Zeliger was member of the Bat Ayin cell, which has killed eight Palestinians.

Three members of the group were convicted in 2003 for a bombing at a Palestinian school in east Jerusalem in 2002 that left a teacher and four children injured.

Two were sentenced to 15 years' jail and the third received a 12-year term.

In handing down the sentence to Dvir-Zeliger - who lives in an illegal settlement outpost near Nablus - the judge said: "The phenomenon of Jewish citizens of Israel belonging to a terrorist organisation aiming to harm Arab residents needs to be eradicated by severe punishment."

The perpetrators of a series of shooting attacks against Palestinian motorists between 2001 and 2002 that killed eight people, including a baby, have yet to be identified.

Israel and the Palestinians



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Palestinians adopt a new tactic to deter Israeli attacks, but this is a high-risk strategy




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