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Last Updated: Monday, 25 October, 2004, 19:56 GMT 20:56 UK
Several killed in Iraq violence
The scene of a car bomb near government buildings in Mosul, Iraq.
Two car bombs exploded almost simultaneously in Mosul
At least nine Iraqis and two soldiers from the US-led coalition have died, and several people have been injured in another day of violence in Iraq.

Some of the deaths came in a spate of roadside bombs targeting vehicles of the US-led coalition.

They included what was described as the first direct enemy action against Australian military vehicles.

This follows a weekend of violence, in which around 70 members of the Iraqi security forces were killed.

Roadside bombing

One of the Baghdad attacks targeted an Australian military convoy, in the residential Karrada district of the city.

Three Iraqis, reported to be bystanders, were killed in the attack.

Map showing location of city of Mosul, Iraq
Three Australian soldiers were among those hurt.

An Australian military spokesman said the mission of 850 troops would continue.

"There is no loss of capability, the mission will still be able to carry out its task," Brigadier Mike Hannan said.

"This is the first time that... Australian vehicles have been attacked by direct enemy action. But of course it doesn't mean that they were specifically the intended target of the attack."

In other developments:

  • An Estonian soldier is killed and five injured in a bombing just outside Baghdad. It is the second soldier from the Baltic state's 45-member contingent to die in Iraq

  • A US soldier dies and five soldiers are injured when a roadside bomb is detonated in western Baghdad

  • Three Iraqis are killed in the northern city of Mosul as a garage at the main governorate building is blown up

  • Minutes later a second car bomb strikes a convoy carrying Gen Motaz Faqa, the head of the local liaison committee with the US military - two guards are injured

  • In Ramadi, three Iraqis are killed as US forces clash with insurgents, a US security patrol is bombed and a separate convoy is ambushed by anti-US and anti-Iraqi government fighters.


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