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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 August, 2004, 13:13 GMT 14:13 UK
Darfur resolution splits Arab press
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Newspapers in the Arab world are divided in their reactions to the UN Security Council resolution calling on Sudan to act against militia attacks in the western Darfur region.

Some see the resolution as counterproductive or as a precursor to a re-run of the Iraq war. But others believe that, if anything, it is too tame.

The resolution issued by the UN Security Council has impeded the efforts being made by African Union and some Arab countries to resolve the Darfur crisis. Sudan should search for a solution to the deteriorating situation in Darfur - not so as to comply with the UN resolution as such, but in its own interests. The return of peace and stability to this part of Sudan will have a positive effect and bring about a comprehensive peace.

Oman - Oman

If the Sudanese Janjaweed are being accused of violating human rights and committing war crimes, Israel is committing more heinous crimes than the Janjaweed in the occupied Palestinian territories. The international community, which has condemned the Darfur crisis, has been unable to impose - or even threaten to impose - sanctions on Israel.

Al-Bayan - UAE

For the UN Security Council decision to give the Sudanese government one month to disarm the Janjaweed militias or face economic and diplomatic sanctions is yet another link in the chain of efforts to target Arab and Muslim countries by the USA and the Western world in general... The USA is dealing with Sudan just as it dealt with Iraq: a gradual approach, using the United Nations as a means to justify its imminent aggression.

Al-Quds al-Arabi - London-based

[UK Prime Minister] Tony Blair seems to be seeking to repeat the adventure of the Iraq invasion in Sudan. He said he was looking into several options for ending the Darfur crisis. One of these is military intervention with 5,000 British soldiers ready to carry out this sacred mission. It looks as though what has happened to the Iraqis has not satisfied the greed of the war machine... We do not argue that there is no humanitarian crisis in western Sudan. However, the world powers' exaggeration of this crisis makes us question their motives.

Al-Ahram al-Arabi - Egypt

Instead of frustrating it and prompting it to slacken its moves to resolve the problem, the exclusion of sanctions will encourage Sudan to implement its commitments to the UN secretary-general... It must come up with untraditional proposals to make a breakthrough in the efforts to resolve the crisis and pull the carpet from under the rebels' feet... Western governments believe the rebels. The Sudanese government must understand that sanctions will not be ruled out for long.

Al-Ahram - Egypt

Khartoum has been given 30 days to act decisively, crack down on the militia, substantially speed up the flow of outside aid and facilitate in any other way it can the international effort to stop the terrible sufferings of more than a million refugees. The time to debate what led to this calamity is not now... Sudan must comply with Security Council demands, act against the Janjaweed and speed aid. Anything less will precipitate a disaster of far greater proportions.

Arab News - Saudi Arabia

Bosnia, Rwanda and now Darfur. Words that describe not a geographical area but a calamity, words that shame the international community... Thirty days is an eternity for many of those whose bodies are disfigured by hunger in Darfur. Thirty days is an eternity for the aid agencies trying to cope with a crisis made worse by the murderous militias. And 30 days is a cop-out for an international organisation that should have on display outside not just the flags of the member states but the word Rwanda.

Gulf News - UAE

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