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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 July, 2004, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Arab press sharpens tone on Darfur
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Several Arab newspapers have been unusually critical of the Sudanese government in commentaries on the continuing crisis in Darfur in western Sudan.

One daily takes the Khartoum government to task for its "constant stubbornness", another says Darfur has become a "brand of shame" on Sudan.

There is also a complaint that the international community wants to act quickly in Sudan, but is still dragging its feet in the Middle East.

The Sudanese government's constant stubbornness and its refusal to admit Darfur's tragedy... have caused a political and ethical crisis which has been internationalised after the Sudanese and Arab inability to face the issue... Millions have fallen victim.

Ahmad al-Rubay'i in London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat

It is in the interest of the [Sudanese] government to end the crisis in Darfur as soon as it can after it has become a brand of shame on Sudan.

London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi

Time is running out very fast for the Khartoum government... Their conduct should correspond to their responsibility and their serious will to resolve the rebellious situation in Darfur... Darfur is indeed a just cause, to which Khartoum should get an immediate solution and save it from other challenges.

Abd-al-Nassir al-Dhawi in Qatar's Al-Watan

The position adopted by the UN Security Council is contradictory. It soft-pedals on the Zionist practices against Arabs and at the same time calls for the imposition of sanctions against Sudan and Arab militias accused of carrying out atrocities in Darfur region. Why the slowdown here and speed there?... The US is moving to get a settlement for Arab versus Arab differences, while it does nothing against the oppressive practices which Israel carries out against the isolated Palestinian people.

Nassir al-Yahmadi in Oman's Al-Watan

The whole world is currently preoccupied by the Darfur crisis as though it was the only crisis in our modern world... We hope that the Darfur crisis will be resolved peacefully. This will require ample time to be given to Khartoum for it to overcome the obstacles on the road to a resolution of the problem. There must be Arab support alongside African efforts so that Sudan does not seem to be alone in confronting the storm of threats which it is facing daily.

UAE's Al-Bayan

It is very important that the international community combines its efforts to solve the Darfur crisis, and other crises, where the innocent are the victims most of the time. More than that, it is important not to use such crises for political purposes, to achieve certain needs or settle old disputes.

Syria's Al-Thawrah

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