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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 July, 2004, 07:03 GMT 08:03 UK
Senior official killed in Basra
UK troops lead multi-national force in Basra
A senior official from the southern Iraqi town of Basra has been shot dead, the British military says.

Hazem al-Ainachi, a co-ordinator of the Basra provincial council, is said to have been killed at a checkpoint on his way to work on Tuesday morning.

Two Iraqis travelling with Mr Ainachi were also killed. Mr Ainachi was a former deputy governor of Basra, where UK troops lead a multi-national force.

The identity of the attackers is not yet known.

A Basra council official told the Reuters news agency that the assailants were wearing police uniforms.

The attack is said to have taken place in the Jubaila neighbourhood of Basra, which is regarded as Iraq's second-most significant city after the capital, Baghdad.

19 July - Attack on Baghdad police station, nine killed
17 July - Car bomb in Baghdad targets Iraqi justice minister, killing four of his guards
15 July - Car bomb targets police station in Haditha, west of Baghdad, killing 10
14 July - Governor of Mosul killed in ambush
14 July - Car bomb explodes near seat of government in Baghdad, killing 10 and wounding 40
7 July - Car bomb kills nine in Baquba, west of Baghdad

Mr Ainachi is the latest in a series of politicians and provincial officials to have died in suspected insurgent attacks since the US handover of key powers to an interim Iraqi administration on 28 June.

Last week, the governor of the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, Usama Kashmula, was assassinated.

And, a top defence ministry official was shot dead in Baghdad on Monday.

The Iraqi justice minister narrowly escaped a car bombing on Saturday which killed five of his security guards.


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