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Key points: UN resolution
BBC News Online summarises the key points of the US and British resolution on the future of Iraq, adopted by the UN Security Council on Tuesday 8 June 2004:


The Security Council:

  • endorses the formation of a sovereign Interim Government of Iraq which will assume full responsibility and authority by 30 June 2004, while refraining from taking any actions affecting Iraq's destiny beyond its interim period of governance
  • welcomes that, by 30 June 2004, the occupation will end, the Coalition Provisional Authority will cease to exist and Iraq will reassert its full sovereignty
  • reaffirms the right of the Iraqi people freely to determine their own political future and to exercise full authority and control over their financial and natural resources


    The Security Council endorses the proposed political timetable:
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  • convening of a national conference reflecting the diversity of Iraqi society
  • holding of direct democratic elections to a Transitional National Assembly, by 31 December 2004 if possible, and in no case later than 31 January 2005
  • this Transitional National Assembly will have responsibility for forming a Transitional Government and drafting a permanent constitution, leading to a constitutionally-elected government by 31 December 2005


    The Security Council decides that the Special Representative of the Secretary General and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), as requested by the Government of Iraq, shall take a leading role in:

  • assisting in convening a national conference to select a Consultative Council [a body of about 100 members which will advise the interim government and also have the power of veto over its orders] during the month of July 2004
  • advising and supporting the Iraqi authorities on the process for holding elections
  • promoting dialogue and consensus-building on the drafting of a national constitution


    The Security Council:

  • welcomes efforts by the incoming Interim Government of Iraq to develop Iraqi security forces which will ultimately assume full responsibility for the maintenance of security and stability
  • notes that the presence of the multinational force (MNF) in Iraq is at the request of the incoming Interim Government of Iraq and reaffirms the authorisation for the multinational force (with reference to the letters annexed to this resolution, see below)
  • decides that the MNF shall have the authority to take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq, in accordance with the letters annexed to this resolution
  • welcomes the letters annexed to this resolution stating that arrangements are being put in place to establish a security partnership between the multinational force and the sovereign Government of Iraq
  • notes that Iraqi security forces are responsible to appropriate Iraqi ministers and that the Government of Iraq has authority to commit Iraqi security forces to the multinational force to engage in operations with it
  • decides that the mandate for the MNF shall be reviewed at the request of the Iraqi Government, or 12 months from the date of this resolution, and that this mandate shall expire upon the completion of the political process set out above, and declares that it will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq
  • notes the intention to create a distinct entity under unified command of the multinational force with a dedicated mission to provide security for the UN presence in Iraq


    Oil profits

  • The Security Council notes that, upon dissolution of the Coalition Provisional Authority, the funds in the Development Fund for Iraq [a fund established to hold and administer the use of Iraq's oil profits, which was previously administered by the Coalition Provisional Authority] shall be disbursed solely at the direction of the Government of Iraq.
  • The International Advisory and Monitoring Board shall continue to monitor the operation of the fund. An additional full voting member designated by the Government of Iraq shall be added to the board.
  • The Security Council decides that these arrangements be reviewed at the request of the Transitional Government of Iraq or twelve months from the date of this resolution, and shall expire upon the completion of the political process outlined above

    Oil for food

  • The Security Council decides that the Interim Government of Iraq and its successors shall assume the rights, responsibilities and obligations relating to the Oil for Food Program that were transferred to the Coalition Provisional Authority.


  • The Security Council requests that the UN Secretary-General and the US, on behalf of the multinational force, report on to the Security Council on their progress within three months from the date of this resolution on a quarterly basis thereafter

    ANNEX 1

    Letter from Ayad Allawi, the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Iraq, to the UN Security council:

  • The Iraqi government is determined to develop security forces capable of providing security for the Iraqi people, but until it is able to do so, asks for the support of the Security Council and the international community in this endeavour
  • I intend to establish structures which will allow Iraqi government and security forces to progressively take on responsibility for security.
  • I intend to invite the MNF commander, or his representative, to participate - and to stand ready to discuss the mechanism of coordination and cooperation with the MNF
  • I also intend to create MNF coordination bodies at national, regional and local levels
  • These structures will serve as the fora for the MNF and the Iraqi Government to reach agreement on the full range of security and policy issues, including policy on sensitive offensive operations

    ANNEX 2

    Letter from US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Security Council:

  • The goal of the MNF will be to help the Iraqi people to complete the political transition and will permit the UN and the international community to work and to facilitate Iraq's reconstruction
  • The commander of the MNF will work in partnership with the sovereign Government of Iraq in helping to provide security while recognising and respecting its sovereignty.
  • To that end, the MNF stands ready to participate in discussions if the Ministerial Committee for National Security on the broad framework of security policy, as referred to in the letter from the prime minister of the interim Government of Iraq.

    The BBC's Juliet Dunlop
    "Details are still being ironed out"

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