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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 June, 2004, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Full text of Iraqi PM's address
Iyad Allawi
Allawi will lead Iraq to elections in January next year
Iraq's new interim government has been sworn in at a ceremony in Baghdad, as the US-led coalition prepares for the transition of power on 30 June.

Following is the text of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's address after he unveiled the cabinet.

It is my pleasure to meet you on this historical occasion in which Iraq is witnessing an important event, that is the announcement of the formation of the transitional government and the beginning of the implementation of its decisions. Everything the Iraqis have been struggling for has become a reality.

Having a national government enjoying full sovereignty is a step towards a state of law and order, reforming the country, preparing for democratic life with the aim of honest and decent elections.

That's why our government will focus on implementing all the special arrangements to transfer full sovereignty to Iraq on 30 June this year.

And we have asked our brother - the minister of foreign affairs - to go immediately to New York at the head of a delegation to work with the UN Security Council members and pass a resolution transferring full sovereignty to Iraqis.

'Defeat Iraq's enemies'

We Iraqis are just like the rest of the peoples in the world, we don't want our country to remain under occupation.

Interior minister: Falah al-Naqib
Foreign minister: Hoshiyar Zebari
Defence minister: Hazim al-Shalaan
Finance minister: Adel Abdul Mehdi

We are seeking to be able to deal in the best possible way with the terrorism and security threats by ourselves but because of the situation prevailing it appears to be impossible and we will need the help and support of the multinational forces to defeat the enemies of Iraq, who don't want stability, freedom and prosperity for us.

And Iraq, God willing, will be a major partner in this force which will start its mission after 30 June and we will kick-off negotiations with our allies to arrange security agreements for the interest of Iraq based on the premise of full Iraqi sovereignty.

And when it has accomplished this mission successfully, the multinational force will leave Iraq with our deep gratitude.

'Shunning hatred'

We would like to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation to the coalition led by the United States and all those who have made painful sacrifices for the liberation of Iraq.

30 June: Handover from Coalition Provisional Authority to interim government
End of Jan 2005: Elections to National Assembly
Autumn 2005: New constitution voted on in referendum
December 2005: Full elections for new government
January 2006: Directly elected government takes office

And while we are remembering the crimes committed by Saddam and his regime against the Iraqi people and the ugly damage he caused to this generous people, we must look to the future with trust and confidence to build a real national unity based on shunning hatred and revenge and spreading brotherhood, forgiveness.

...[We must] advance in building a society led by the principle of law and cherishing justice and have equality and freedom and respect for human rights, and also stop the bloodshed in order to build an advanced civilised Iraq that Iraqis would live in happily.

And we also have the mission of transferring full sovereignty to Iraqis. To that purpose our government will strive for Iraq to be peaceful and stable and co-exist constructively with its neighbours, promoting security and progress for the people in the region.

That's why our government will give special attention to developing its own ability to have interior security institutions and national police to guarantee peace and stability.

And we must begin to form a national army that does not interfere in internal affairs, defending the country against any outside aggression, responsible before the constitution, legal and executive institutions of this country.

'Good life'

Based on this, we will work on increasing and improving the salaries and living conditions for the troops and to increase the pensions given for retired servicemen.

To guarantee a good life for these brothers, we will work on re-integrating some of them in the civil service.

Improving the economy, solving unemployment problems, dealing with inflation, improving the level of the Iraqi dinar, boosting purchasing power and renovating the infrastructure, improving the electricity, water and sewage networks will also be among the main goals of our government.

The BBC's Andrew Burroughs
"A ceremony which could prove to be an historic step towards a new democratic Iraq"


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