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Last Updated: Friday, 7 May, 2004, 10:33 GMT 11:33 UK
Mid-East press spurns Bush apology

Any US hopes that President Bush's public apology will appease Arab anger over the alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu-Ghraib jail are dashed in the regional press.

Words are not enough, is the consensus. One paper says the president's apology is likely to fuel Muslim anger further.

Killers don't apologise!... Neither Bush nor Rumsfeld will be absolved of crimes perpetrated in Abu-Ghraib prison.

Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

The hideous crimes against the Iraqis cannot be mitigated by mere words.

Al-Jazeera - Saudi Arabia

We are revolted by Bush's attempt to absolve the Americans.

Al-Watan - Oman

Bush tried to expiate his troops' sins in Iraq... Mr Bush tramples with his boots on our Arab nation and then he feigns politeness by saying: "Sorry! I didn't mean it!"

Al-Anbaa - Sudan

The top US leaders are liars if they claim that they were not aware of what had happened or say that they did not order their officers and prison warders to commit such heinous acts.

Al-Bayan - UAE

The US officials' confession on the defilement of the Iraqi POWs is not sufficient, neither are their overt and covert apologies sufficient to remove the effect of these violations on the good name of the USA in the world.

Al-Jumhuriyah - Egypt

President Bush should not apologise to the Arabs and Muslims alone. Instead he should apologise to the whole of humanity. Before this or that, he should apologise to the Americans. Americans should not agree to be represented by such an administration which violates international law and human rights...

The apologies made by President Bush over the humiliation which the Iraqi prisoners faced are inadequate. It is not possible that this will bring about a positive change with the Arabs and Muslims. It may just worsen the anger which is spreading.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi - London-based

Bush's rebuking Rumsfeld is seen as unprecedented.

Al-Hayat - London-based

Photos of naked Iraqi prisoners, victims of US troops' sadism, have exposed the USA's nudity... It is like the story of the emperor's new clothes... It will be difficult for Bush and his adviser Condoleezza Rice to hide their nudity through mere words.

Al-Anwar - Lebanon

If it were not for the free media in the USA, the shameful torture crimes could not have been disclosed inside the USA and to the entire world.

Al-Ittihad - UAE

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