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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 May, 2004, 11:48 GMT 12:48 UK
Arab media anger at prison scandal

Following President Bush's Arabic TV interviews, media commentators in the region continue to focus on the revelations of abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. Several newspapers on Thursday point to the contrast between US words and US deeds. One dubs the US actions "a war crime".

No matter what programmed American media channel [President Bush] uses, he cannot justify what cannot be justified, vindicate what cannot be vindicated, or apologize for something for which no apology can be accepted.

Syria's Al-Thawrah

If the president imagined for one minute that his acknowledgement of the wrongs done to luckless detainees was going to help matters, he was mistaken. Once again his simplistic and elementary worldview has played him false... The savagery of the US military is only a symptom of a wider abject policy failure for which the president ought actually to have been apologizing last night. The whole exercise simply cut no ice.

Saudi Arabia's Arab News

President Bush has chosen to speak at a time when the US image in the region in general is the worst it has been for decades. The US administration, with its political and military branches, is responsible for what happened at Abu Ghraib prison and for countless violations against the Iraqis throughout an entire year. There are systematic human rights violations taking place on a daily basis, represented by arrests, storming of houses, imprisonment without trial and torture in prisons.

Iraqi political analyst Liqa Makki on Al-Arabiya TV

The people of Iraq, who endured injustice and offered up millions of martyrs and prisoners to see the dawn of justice across Iraq's horizon, will not allow the mill of death and discrimination to return under whatever justification.

Iraq's Al-Bayan

All the slogans and objectives fabricated by the US administration regarding the so-called "operation to liberate Iraq" have evaporated. The time has come for the world to know that what the US is doing in Iraq is total occupation, mockery and slavery.

Egypt's Al-Jumhuriyah

We certainly believe that what happened in Abu Ghraib prison is still happening on a daily basis.

London Al-Hayat - commentary by Azmi Basharah

What has been shown of the unbearable scenes in Abu Ghraib prison reminds Iraqis in particular and Arabs in general that nothing has changed in Iraq - the US has lost the trust of Iraqis, something that will not be retrieved by plastic surgery.

Palestinian Al-Ayyam - commentary by Ahmad Yaghi

When torture, rape and degradation become the adopted tool to break down the will of the national Iraqi forces and abort the resistance, this becomes a clear indication that those responsible for the political and moral direction of the US occupation forces suffer from moral bankruptcy. It also indicates that the US administration is ignorant.

Palestinian Al-Quds

This is a war crime by any measure.

Syria's Al-Thawrah - commentary by Fa'iz Al-Sayigh

The similarities between the Vietnam and Iraq wars include the fact that the US went to war in both cases based on illusory perceptions and ignorant of national realities and the independence of the two peoples. The American people did not realise the magnitude of its entanglement in a long-standing and costly war except when it was too late. This is due to the deception by the US leadership.

London Al-Quds Al-Arabi - commentary by Dr Bashir Musa Nafi

We are not against the US. We only disagree with its leaders.

Saudi Al-Riyadh

The Bush administration had no option but to accept that it made blunders in Iraq since the first day of the occupation... If the administration has now accepted the major mistakes made by its men in Iraq, it is expected that it will begin correcting those blunders, given the problems facing it now.

UAE's Al-Ittihad - commentary by Dr Wahid Abd-al-Majid

The Iraqis are now starting on the Palestinian experience. The Americans have come to Iraq to establish the freedom of torture and prisons.

Palestinian Al-Ayyam - commentary by Abdallah Awad

Arab public opinion is not the only one which rejects the current US policies regarding Iraq, Palestine and other issues in the Middle East. There is also international public opinion which mostly perceives the US in the same way as the Arab in the street, who does not get anything from White House policymakers but policies which benefit the Zionist interest.

UAE's Al-Bayan

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