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Last Updated: Monday, 29 March, 2004, 14:55 GMT 15:55 UK
Maimed Ali's story told in book
Ali Abbas
Ali's plight moved people across the world
Ali Abbas, the young boy who lost both arms and was orphaned in a bombing raid on Iraq, is to be the subject of a book released next week.

Pictures of the youngster with terrible burns moved people around the world, and he was flown out of Iraq for treatment in Kuwait and the UK.

Ali, who is now 13, has been fitted with artificial arms in Britain, where he now lives and goes to school.

Proceeds from the book will go towards a trust fund for his care.

Ali was 12 when a coalition bombing raid killed his parents and 13 other members of his family on 31 March last year, leaving him close to death.

Symbol of conflict

He became a symbol of the human cost of the conflict, prompting outrage and sympathy around the world.

The book, which is called the Ali Abbas Story, is published in co-operation with the Limbless Association.

Written from interviews with Ali and others, it describes his life before the bombing started and his experience of the war, and tells how he returned briefly to Iraq to be reunited with his sisters and half brother for the first time since his family was torn apart.

Ali Abbas and Ahmad Hamza
Ali Abbas (left) and fellow Iraqi boy Ahmad Hamza have been fitted with artificial limbs
A spokeswoman for publishers HarperCollins said: "The last year has been a traumatic and very painful time for Ali but throughout it all it is his extraordinary courage and resilience that has drawn so many people to him.

"For Ali, and many children like him, the Iraqi conflict will have lifelong consequences, but as this book shows at least for one young boy there is now hope for the future."

The teenager, who is now looked after by his uncle, has a state-of-the-art artificial limb on his right side, with an electrode on the stump of his arm activating a false hand.

He is also said to be getting on well at school, holding conversations in English and playing football.

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