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Last Updated: Monday, 8 March, 2004, 21:41 GMT
Iraqi law: Reaction in quotes
Iraq's Governing Council signed an interim constitution on Monday designed to govern the country during its transitional period.

Most countries in the Middle East and around the world welcomed the historic move, although Turkey fears it will not lead to permanent peace.

People wonder what we've accomplished in Iraq over the past almost a year now. We have freed a people. We have liberated a people.

And let there be no doubt in anyone's mind that it is a bright future ...The road ahead may be difficult, it may be long, but it won't be as difficult or as long as the road that was behind.

Colin Powell
US Secretary of State

I congratulate the Iraqi Governing Council and the Iraqi people on completing the Transitional Administrative law for Iraq.

This document is an important step toward the establishment of a sovereign government on 30 June.

US President George W Bush

[Iran hopes] the achievement of the Iraqi Governing Council would lead to taking more constructive steps for holding general and popular elections in Iraq.

Iran believes that any acceleration in holding free elections and pull-out of foreign occupiers, as well as full handover of affairs to the Iraqi people, while the country's sovereignty and national unity is maintained, will lead to restoration of security as well as prosperity and progress of the Iraqi people.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi

The [Saudi] Cabinet expressed its satisfaction over the agreement on Iraq's interim constitution and its signing, hoping that this will lead to the set up of an independent government and to Iraq's restoration of sovereignty and independence.

Saudi news agency, SPA

We consider the interim constitution an arrangement which does not satisfy us, which raises our concerns and uneasiness, and which will not help settlement of permanent peace and which will cause continuation of instability and lack of tranquillity in this country for a long time.

Turkish Justice Minister Cemil Cicek

This is a significant achievement and I want to pay tribute to all parties to this agreement, for their patience and for the spirit of consensus in which they have negotiated it.

This is the clearest demonstration to date of the strong desire to build a free, stable and democratic society in Iraq, despite the terrorist violence which seeks to deny the people of Iraq the future they want.

Jack Straw
British Foreign Secretary

[The signing] is a positive step on the right road of restoring Iraq's sovereignty, finding a permanent constitution, achieving stability, security and economic growth.

The kingdom of Bahrain stresses again the need to respect the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity of Iraq and the right of its people to decide their future.

Bahrain Foreign Ministry official

We hope that the adoption of this fundamental law contributes to consolidating the process of restoring sovereignty and the establishment of the rule of law in Iraq.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman

We believe that the adopting of the law on state government will promote the very rapid restoration of Iraq's sovereignty and positions on the international arena.

Now Iraq has the legal base needed to preserve united Iraqi statehood and for the process of reshaping the country's domestic life on the basis of democratic principles as well as for resolving social, economic and other problems.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman

Any step decided by the Iraqi people and their authorities that helps them recover their responsibilities and authority quickly and contribute to rebuilding Iraq's national institutions is a step forward.

Asma Khodr, Jordanian government spokesperson

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