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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 January, 2004, 16:44 GMT
Iran earthquake: How to help
Iranian woman mourns relatives killed in earthquake
Survivors are in desperate need of food and shelter
Global aid agencies have launched urgent appeals for donations to help those affected by the earthquake in Bam, Iran.

Tens of thousands of people are desperately in need of food, water and shelter following the devastating quake, the worst in the region for more than a decade.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has launched an appeal for $42m to help an estimated 210,000 people through the winter months.

Online donations can be made via their website at www.ifrc.org. Iranian residents can contact their domestic Red Crescent branch through www.rcs.ir, while UK residents can donate via www.redcross.org.uk and US residents via www.redcross.org.

The UK branch of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), has also called for funds to help save children from infections, water-borne diseases and exposure to the cold.

"Right now, children are living on the streets and this makes them very vulnerable, specially in the freezing, cold nights," Deputy Executive Director of Unicef UK Fiona Hesselden said in a statement.

"We must not allow this devastating earthquake to take any more lives."

UK residents can donate through the website at www.unicef.org.uk.

Unicef will also shortly announce details of its worldwide fundraising campaign for victims of the earthquake.

The International Save the Children Alliance has also launched an appeal.

Online donations can be made via its website on www.savethechildren.org.uk

International aid charity Islamic Relief has also urged people to donate and has provided a list of phone numbers on its website at www.islamic-relief.com.

World Vision has launched an appeal from all its regional offices for donations which can be made by visiting their website at www.wvi.org and selecting the regional website for your local World Vision office.

Further contacts

Children of Persia: Donate blankets and winter clothing at locations detailed on website www.childrenofpersia.org or call +1 301 315 0750.

World Concern: Donations can be made by calling +1 800 755 5022. World Concern, Iran Earthquake Relief, 19303 Fremont Ave. N Seattle, WA 98133, USA www.worldconcern.org

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