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Last Updated: Friday, 19 December, 2003, 11:55 GMT
Top Iraq WMD hunter 'will resign'
David Kay
David Kay has not commented on the reports that he is to resign
The White House has declined to comment on reports that the man leading the US's hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is to quit.

Spokesman Scott McClellan said he could not speak for Iraq Survey Group search team leader David Kay.

Mr Kay was named by the CIA in June to head the search for chemical, nuclear and biological weapons in Iraq.

But seven months after the US-led war ended, no evidence has been found of Saddam Hussein's alleged arsenal.

Reports that Mr Kay was thinking of stepping down first appeared in the Washington Post newspaper.

The paper quoted unnamed US intelligence officials as saying he planned to leave his post with the 1,400-member Iraq Survey Group as early as next February.

Officials told the paper that Mr Kay planned to leave before the group submitted its final report, for personal and family reasons.

Asked about Mr Kay's future, The White House's Scott McClellan said: "I wouldn't presume to speak for him.

"I would point out that the search is an important priority and the work of the Iraq Survey Group continues."

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