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Iran press reflects nuclear tensions

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Iranian papers on both sides of the political spectrum expect the Europeans to play a role in easing the pressure on Tehran over its nuclear programme.

But one conservative daily sees the holding of last week's conference of the reformist Iran Participation Front party during a visit to Tehran by UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohammed ElBaradei as a ploy to raise the temperature.

The Europeans and the IAEA know very well that the bulk of the United States' pressure on Iran is because of Iran's objection to the one-sided hegemony sought by the Americans, and that Iran is not the only country to be harmed by it...

The Europeans now have an exceptional opportunity - by using Iran's positive viewpoints - to adopt rational methods to gain our country's cooperation and to present a new strategy in the face of America's unilateral and bullying ways.

Hamshahri (Conservative)

Bush's failure in his attempt to put on a display of power in Southeast Asia makes it clear that... the Republicans are not only in desperate need of help from their European allies to overcome regional and international crises, but that they will also have to accept as a fact the presence and influence of certain regional powers and to ask them for help too.

This development, especially in relation to Islamic Iran, will leave America no option but to end its enmity against our proud government and nation. Despite the inflexibility of Washington's unilateralist policy based on the idea of a unipolar world, America has no choice but to end its threats and pressures against our country and the region.

Quds (Conservative)

It would be naive if anyone failed to understand the clear fact that holding the (reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front) party congress during the visit to Tehran of (UN nuclear watchdog chief) ElBaradei and delegations of bogeymen from the IAEA was no coincidence.

These are links in a chain aimed at raising the political temperature in the county and lowering the system's threshold for being provoked.

Jomhuri-ye Eslami (Conservative)

Tehran is worried that the Europeans wish to repair their relations with Washington - which were damaged during the war on Iraq - at Iran's expense. At any rate, Europe has the respect of Iran and finds a listening ear in Iran when it voices its own independent stances, not when it behaves in a way that smacks of an effort to outdo Washington in antagonism towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Etemaad (Reformist)

It may well be that the impending visit to Tehran of the foreign ministers of three important European countries... is an indication of the Europeans' peace-seeking efforts, and that the signals the Iranians have sent in the past day or two about accepting the Additional Protocol are possibly a suitable response to this step by the EU, which will dramatically reduce the international pressure on Iran.

It may not be farfetched to imagine that the choice of Mrs Ebadi by the Nobel committee was also a step taken by the Europeans towards changing the rules of the game and seizing the initiative from the Americans.

Shargh (reformist)

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