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Who is winning the Iraq contracts?
Toppled electricity pylons
The reconstruction effort is being delayed by the lack of security
The awarding of contracts for Iraqi reconstruction has been a highly controversial process. The bigger contracts have gone to US companies after a closed bidding process - freezing out UK and other companies. Some of the corporations who have won the contracts also appear to have close ties to the administration of President George Bush.

BBC News Online looks at who has won what contracts so far.

US Agency for International Development (USAID) contracts:
Contract Company Scope and value of contract
Personnel support International Resources Group Technical expertise, procurement and logistics- $7.8m
Logistical support Air Force Augmentation Program Broad range of logistical support services, freight shipping - $26m
Seaport administration Stevedoring Services of America Initial assessment of Umm Qasr - $4.8m
Primary and secondary education Creative Associates International. Range of subcontractors including the Iraq Foundation and the American Islamic Congress Schools rebuilding, training of teachers and reform of education system - $62.5
Local governance Research Triangle Institute Strengthening of management skills and civil society - $7.9m
Public Health Abt Associates and a wide range of subcontractors Restoration of public health system, infrastructure and assessment - $43.8
Airport administration Skylink Air and Logistics Support Assess and manage airports - $2.5m initially
Economic reform Bearing Point Inc To encourage economic recovery, reform and sustained growth - $9m initially
Capital construction Bechtel and a wide range of subcontractors including companies from the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Kuwait, Switzerland and Iraq Initial emergency dredging of Umm Qasr Port, security services, unexploded ordinance, marine engineering, emergency bridge demolition and construction, airport telecommunications, air traffic control, general electrical and power supply, sewage plant repair, water supply repair etc - $680m
Source: US Department of Commerce September 2003

USAID grants to non-governmental organisations:
Contract Organisation Scope and value of contract
Back to school campaign United Nation's Children's Fund (Unicef) Provide education services - $1m initially and up to $7m
Health, water and sanitation services Unicef Restoration of basic health services - $8m initially and up to $40m
Health system services World Health Organisation (WHO) Restoration of essential health services - $10m
Iraq community action program Mercy Corps, International Relief and Development Inc, Agriculture Co-operative Development International, Volunteers in Overseas Co-operative Assistance, Co-operative Housing Foundation International, Save the Children Federation Promote citizen involvement in community development - $7m for each NGO
Iraq health services project Iraqi Nursing Association (INA) Iraqi nursing services - $137,000
Source: US Department of Commerce September 2003

US Department of Defense contracts:
Contract issuer Organisation Scope and value of contract
Army logistics and civil augmentation program Kellogg, Brown and Root (subsidiary of Halliburton) Army services, oil well firefighting and reconstruction - $7bn
Army Corp of Engineers' Transatlantic Program Center Washington Group International ($110m), Fluor Intercontinental ($102m), Perini Corp ($66m) Centcom contingency support contracts - $278m
US Army Contracting Agency - Southern Region Vinnell Corporation (subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corporation) Train new Iraqi Army - $48m
Department of State CSC DynCorp International Law enforcement support - $50m
Source: US Department of Commerce September 2003

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