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Last Updated: Monday, 25 August, 2003, 18:23 GMT 19:23 UK
Victims of UN Baghdad blast
The following is a list of names so far made public of those killed in the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August, 2003.

Sergio Vieira de Mello, 55, Brazil; UN special representative for Iraq.

Nadia Younes, Egypt, Vieira de Mello's chief of staff.

Rick Hooper, 40, US; from UN Department of Political Affairs on special assignment with the UN in Iraq.

Jean-Selim Kanaan, 33, Egypt; employed in Vieira de Mello's office.

Chris Klein-Beekman, 32, Canada; programme co-ordinator for UN children's fund Unicef in Iraq.

Fiona Watson, 35, Britain; political affairs officer working in Vieira de Mello's office.

Naval captain Manuel Martin Oar, Spain; working for Spanish special ambassador to Iraq, Miguel Benzo Perea.

Arthur Helton, 54, US; director of peace and conflict studies at the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Gillian Clark, 47, Canada; working for the Christian Children's Fund, a US non-governmental organisation.

Alya Sousa, Iraq; working for the World Bank's Baghdad office, housed in the UN building.

Renam Al-Farra, Jordan; worked for the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Martha Teas, United States; project manager for the Humanitarian Information Centre for Iraq.

Ranillo Buenaventura, Philippines; UN Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq

Alyawi Bassem, Iraq: employed by UN Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.

Reza Hosseini, Iran: employed by UN Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.

Ihsan Taha Husein, Iraqi: UN office for project services.

A woman from the Philippines who was earlier listed among the dead, has been confirmed alive. Marilyn Manuel, 54, who worked in Vieira de Mello's office, was injured in the blast.

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