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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 September, 2003, 16:03 GMT 17:03 UK
Fresh 'honour killing' in Jordan
Three brothers hacked their two sisters to death in Jordan in an "honour killing", one day after parliament rejected tougher sentences for such crime, officials are quoted as saying.

The unidentified sisters, aged 20 and 27, were killed with axes in the capital Amman on Monday, according to a report in the Jordan Times newspaper.

Officials told the paper the three brothers - who are in detention - admitted that they carried out the killing for reasons of "family honour".

On Sunday Jordan's parliament rejected a bill imposing harsher penalties for such killings, which are often carried out by brothers and fathers against women deemed to have soiled the family's reputation.

Getting off lightly

The 27-year-old left her family home nearly two years ago to marry a man without her family's consent, the paper says.

It was a brutal scene - one victim's head was nearly cut clean off
Her 20-year-old sister ran away three months ago to join her.

Tipped on their whereabouts, the brothers went to their home with axes, and hacked their sisters to death, the paper says.

"It was a brutal scene. One victim's head was nearly cut clean off," an official is quoted as saying.

The older sister's 10-month-old baby and her husband escaped unharmed, according to the report.

The killings bring to 12 the number of women reported killed for reasons of "family honour" in Jordan this year, the Jordan Times says.

Under the existing law, people found guilty of committing honour killings often receive sentences as light as six months in prison.

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