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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 May, 2003, 11:16 GMT 12:16 UK
Iran press responds to US threats

Newspapers from both sides of Iran's political divide warn that the latest threats from Washington must be taken seriously.

They express fears that Washington will seek to capitalise on internal tensions, call for the US to end its military presence in the region and warn that Iran is a proud nation which will defend its freedom.

One can deduce from the behaviour and statements of White House leaders that an influential sector of the current American Government is not optimistic about negotiating with or making contacts with the Iranian leadership. They are pursuing ways to implement policies ultimately aimed at toppling the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And without doubt, to realize their plan they will focus chiefly on Iran's internal conditions.

Mardom Salari - reformist

We must bear in mind that, by preoccupying our officials with political issues, the enemy is preparing the ground for its lackeys to perpetrate acts of corruption and immorality. The country's Law-Enforcement Force and the Judiciary must not wait for their superiors or be made to retreat in the face of the enemy's psychological warfare.

Jomhuri-ye Eslami - hardline, pro-Khamenei

The [Organization of Islamic States] foreign ministers meeting in Tehran must officially call on America to end its military presence in the region, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Resalat - conservative

The United States of America is exerting new pressures on Iran's diplomacy. America's action in setting deadlines for the certain responses are aimed at making the Islamic Republic of Iran's diplomacy passive. The question is, is America's strategy towards Iran going to change or is America merely pressing Iran in order to gain concessions?


While increasing its threats against Iran, Washington must bear in mind one plain fact: the determination of Iranians to safeguard their independence in the face of foreigners. The Iranian nation may face differences within itself and some instances of narrow-mindedness may even cause it to despair, but this nation has a country that is 2,500 years old, with a brilliant history of independence-loving struggles and revolutions. Iranians see freedom and independence as two wings for their political system, and will never sacrifice one for the other. Iranians have learnt that foreigners' hearts do not beat for them.

Etemaad - reformist

The US administration is planning to intensify its anti-Iranian policies in order to soften Iran and strengthen Washington's unilateral policies in the Persian Gulf region. By expanding its interventionist policies in Iran, and trying to destabilize Iran, Washington is trying to force Iran to withdraw from its fundamental stands.


There is no doubt that Iran is America's most important and most vital objective in the Middle East. There is also no doubt that Israel sees our country as its most dangerous enemy. Hence, in view of the gains America stands to make via a military strike on Iran, we have no choice but to take this cabal seriously. By striving to address the people's discontent - which is not that difficult - we can at least take a first step towards tackling America's threats and propaganda.

Aftab-e Yazd - reformist

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