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Iraq's most wanted

Saddam Hussein was the Ace of Spades in the United States' set of 55 playing cards depicting "the most-wanted members of the former Iraqi regime".

All but 10 of the 55 on the list are believed to have been caught or killed so far.

The highest-ranking former regime official still at large, Saddam Hussein's former deputy Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, was reported to have died on 11 November 2005.

A $10m bounty was offered for Mr Douri by the US, who accused him of being one of the key organisers of the insurgency around Samarra and Tikrit.

Rewards of $1m have also been announced for help in catching the remaining fugitives.

Key leaders:

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein
President of Iraq, commander-in-chief of military :: Captured by coalition forces 13 December 2003, executed in Baghdad 30 December 2006

War crimes claims against the Iraqi leader include genocide of the Kurds, "ethnic cleansing" in which tens of thousands of Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians around the oil-rich city of Kirkuk were expelled as part of an "Arabisation" programme, mass civilian executions after the Kurdish and Shia uprisings in 1991, and religious persecution.

Qusay Hussein

Qusay Hussein
Special Republican Guard and Republican Guard commander :: Killed 22 July 2003

Saddam Hussein's younger son and chosen successor. The 36-year-old Qusay was in charge of the Special Republican Guard and the feared intelligence and security services. He is accused of curbing dissident activity in Basra after the failed Shia uprising in 1991 with mass executions and torture.

Uday Hussein

Uday Saddam Hussein
Fedayeen commander :: Killed 22 July 2003

Saddam Hussein's 38-year-old son was commander of Saddam's Fedayeen forces and president of the Iraqi National Olympic Committee. Uday's alleged brutality is legendary in Iraq. According to Indict, the committee seeking to prosecute the Iraqi leadership for war crimes, he was personally engaged in acts of torture and ordered torture by forces under his command. He is said to have routinely abducted and raped women.

Abid Hamid Mahmud Al-Tikriti

Abid Hamid al-Tikriti
Presidential secretary :: Taken into custody 18 June 2003

One of Saddam Hussein's closest aides, Abed Hamoud controlled access to the president and was frequently at his side. He is said to have directed matters of state and handed down many of the regime's repressive orders. The US says he was also authorised to deploy weapons of mass destruction.

Ali Hasan Majid

Ali Hasan Majid
Presidential adviser, southern region commander :: Captured by coalition forces 21 August 2003, Sentenced to death 17 January 2010

Saddam Hussein's cousin, Ali Hasan Majid, was known as "Chemical Ali" for his alleged role in the use of poison gas against Kurds in 1988. He had earlier been reported killed in a coalition airstrike on his house in Basra.

Izzat Ibrahim

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri
Vice-chairman Revolutionary Command Council, Northern regional commander:: Reported to have died on 11 November 2005

The 63-year-old deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council and deputy chief of the armed forces is considered to have been Saddam Hussein's daily right-hand man. He was born in Tikrit, the Iraqi leader's home town. He was a key commander in the suppression of the failed Shia uprising in 1991. Indict also accuses Mr Ibrahim of the use of excessive military force against the Marsh Arabs of the south. He escaped an assassination attempt in Karbala in 1998. War crimes charges have been issued against him in Austria.

Aziz Salih al-Numan

Aziz Salih al-Numan
Baath Party regional commander, militia commander :: Taken into custody 22 May 2003

The former governor of occupied Kuwait and commander of the popular army in Kuwait is accused of complicity in atrocities allegedly carried out on Kuwaiti citizens. He was governor of the Karbala and Najaf areas in the 1970s and 1980s and is believed to have been involved in the destruction of Shia Muslim shrines during that time.

Taha Yassin Ramadan

Taha Yassin Ramadan
Vice-president :: Taken into custody 18 August 2003, executed in Baghdad 20 March 2007

The 65-year-old vice-president and commander of the popular army was known as Saddam Hussein's enforcer. He is accused of complicity in the occupation of Kuwait. He is also accused of involvement in the brutal repression of Shia Muslims who rose up against the regime in 1991 and of the killing of thousands of Kurds in the town of Halabja in 1988 when the town was attacked with poison gas bombs.

Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz
Deputy prime minister :: Surrendered 24 April 2003

The only Christian in the leadership was at Saddam Hussein's side from the 1950s. The 67-year-old deputy prime minister is one of the most well-known faces of the former regime in the West. As a member of the Revolutionary Command Council, he is accused by Indict of complicity in war crimes against Iran, Kuwait and his own people.

Other leaders and officials:

Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti

Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti
Baath party official :: Taken into custody 16 April 2003, executed in Baghdad 15 January 2007

The former director of the notorious intelligence service, or Mukhabarat, which is believed to have tortured and murdered thousands of opponents of the regime. He is listed as number 52 in the US deck. He is also a former ambassador to the UN in Geneva.

Watban Ibrahim al-Tikriti
Baath Party official :: Taken into custody 13 April 2003

Saddam Hussein's half-brother and former intelligence minister and number 51 on the list. The former interior minister is believed to have been involved in repressing the 1991 uprisings.

Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaidi
Central Euphrates region commander :: Taken into custody 21 April 2003, died in a military hospital 2 December 2005 aged 67

Former deputy prime minister and member of the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) Mr al-Zubaidi was captured by pro-US Free Iraqi forces on 21 April.

Humam Abd al-Khaliq Abd al-Ghafur
Minister of higher education and scientific research :: Taken into custody 21 April 2003

Number 54 on the list and a former member of Saddam Hussein's cabinet, Mr al-Ghafur was taken into custody by US troops on 21 April.

Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al-Tikriti
Deputy chief of tribal affairs :: Taken into custody 20 April 2003

Saddam Hussein's son-in-law and private secretary, and number 40 on the wanted list, he returned to Iraq after fleeing to Syria and was taken into custody on 20 April.

Hikmat al-Azzawi
Finance minister :: Taken into custody 19 April 2003

Number 45 on the list, Mr al-Azzawi was captured by Iraqi police in Baghdad and handed over to US forces on 19 April

Samir abd al-Aziz al-Najm
Baath Party chairman, Diyala region :: Taken into custody 17 April 2003

Iraqi Kurds handed over Samir abd al-Aziz al-Najm, the Baath Party regional command chairman for east Baghdad and number 24, to US troops near Mosul on 17 April

Amir Hamudi Hasan al-Saadi
Presidential scientific adviser :: Surrendered 12 April 2003

Saddam Hussein's high-profile scientific adviser surrendered in Baghdad after learning he was number 55 on the US list.

Hani abd Latif Tilfa al-Tikriti
Special Security Organisation director

Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan Tikriti
Republican Guard secretary :: Surrendered 17 May 2003

Barzan abd Ghafur Sulayman al-Tikriti
Special Republican Guard commander :: Taken into custody 23 July 2003

Muzahim Sa'b Hassan al-Tikriti
Air defence force commander :: Taken into custody 23 April 2003

Ibrahim Ahmad abd al-Sattar Muhammad al-Tikriti
Armed forces chief-of-staff :: Taken into custody 15 May 2003

Sayf al-Din Fulayyih Hassan Taha al-Rawi
Republican Guard forces commander

Rafi Abd Latif al-Tilfah
Director of general security

Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti
Internal intelligence services director

Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti
Air force commander :: Taken into custody 14 June 2003

Abd al-Tawab Mullah Huwaysh
Deputy prime minister :: Taken into custody 2 May 2003

Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tal
Minister of defence :: Surrendered 19 September 2003, sentenced to death 24 June 2007

Ayad Futayyih Khalifa al-Rawi
Al-Quds chief of staff :: Taken into custody 5 June 2003>

Zuhayr Talib Abd al-Sattar al-Naqib
Director of military intelligence :: Taken into custody 23 April 2003

Abd al-Baqi abd Karim al-Sadun
Baath Party chairman and Baghdad militia commander

Muhammad Zimam Abd al-Razzaq al-Sadun
Baath Party chairman, Ta'mim and Ninawa Governate :: Taken into custody 15 February 2004

Yahya Abdallah al-Ubaydi
Baath Party chairman, Basra Governate

Nayif Shindakh Thamir
Baath Party chairman, Salah al-Din Governate

Sayf al-Din al-Mashhadani
Baath Party chairman and militia commander, Muthanna Governate :: Captured 24 May 2003

Fadil Mahmud Gharib
Baath Party chairman, Babil and Karbala Governate :: Taken into custody 15 May 2003

Muhsin Khadar al-Khafaji
Baath Party chairman, Qadisiyah Governate :: Taken into custody 7 February 2004

Rashid Taan Kazim
Baath Party chairman, Anbar Governate

Ugla Abid Sighar al-Kubaysi
Baath Party chairman, Maysan Governate :: Taken into custody 20 May 2003

Ghazi Hamud al-Adib
Baath Party chairman, Wasit Governate :: Taken into custody 7 May 2003

Adil Abdallah Mahdi al-Duri al-Tikriti
Baath Party chairman, Dhi Qar Governate :: Taken into custody 15 May 2003

Husayn al-Awawi
Baath Party chairman, Ninawa Governate :: Taken into custody 9 June 2003

Khamis Sirhan al-Muhammad
Baath Party chairman, Karbala Governate :: Taken into custody 11 January 2004

Sad Abd al-Majid al-Faysal
Baath Party chairman, Salah al-Din Governate :: Taken into custody 24 May 2003

Latif Nussayif Jasim al-Dulaymi
Deputy chairman, Baath Party :: Taken into custody 9 June 2003

Rukan Razuki abd al-Ghaful Sulayman al-Tikriti
Chief of tribal affairs

Mizban Khidir Hadi
Revolutionary Command Council member, regional commander, Euphrates region :: Surrendered 9 July 2003

Taha Muhyl al-Din Maruf
Vice-president and RCC member :: Taken into custody 2 May 2003, died 9 August 2009

Walid Hamid Tawfiq al-Tikriti
Governor of Basra Governate :: Surrendered 29 April 2003

Mahmud Dhiyab al-Ahmad
Interior minister :: Taken into custody 8 August 2003

Amir Rashid Muhammad al-Ubaydi
Former oil minister :: Taken into custody 28 April 2003

Muhammad Mahdi al-Salih
Minister of trade :: Taken into custody 23 April 2003

Hossam Mohammed Amin
National monitoring director :: Taken into custody 27 April 2003

Sabawi Ibrahim
Baath Party, Saddam Hussein's maternal half brother:: Capture announced 27 February 2005

Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash
Scientist :: Taken into custody 5 May 2003

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