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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 9 April, 2003, 23:21 GMT 00:21 UK
Iraq latest: At-a-glance
BBC News Online charts the latest developments in the Iraq conflict.

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Wednesday, 9 April

2250: US warplanes heard flying above Kirkuk, as Kurdish fighters advance towards the city, Reuter reports.

2030: Iraq's UN ambassador, Mohammed al-Douri, says "the game is over" and he hopes the Iraqi people soon will be able to live in peace. He is the first senior Iraqi official to admit that Saddam Hussein no longer controls Baghdad.

1915: US Vice President Dick Cheney says talks will soon be held with exiled Iraqis and local leaders near the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriya to begin planning for an interim Iraqi government.

1852: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Syria has been ignoring a warning he gave last week about giving military assistance to Iraq and that some senior Iraqis were fleeing to Syria.

1835: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld describes the earlier scenes in Baghdad as breathtaking, saying that history was unfolding - events which would shape the future of the whole Middle East region, but warns that fighting will continue for some time.

1613: The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has recovered the body of Canadian staff member Vatche Arslanian, who had been missing since being caught in crossfire in eastern Baghdad on Tuesday.

1551: Commander of the US 3rd Infantry Division, General Buford Blount, tells Reuters the heart of Baghdad has been secured and the "end of the combat phase is days away".

1522: Spokesman for UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says Downing Street is "delighted" with scenes it has seen from across Iraq.

1452: American armoured personnel carrier pulls down a giant statue of Saddam Hussein in al-Fardus (Paradise) Square, central Baghdad, to the cheers of jubilant Iraqis.

1415: President Bush's spokesman, Ari Fleischer, says "The scenes on TV show the thirst for freedom is unquenchable."

1400: US Vice-President Dick Cheney says the campaign in Iraq "is proceeding with speed and success".

1300: Iraqi civilians attack a giant statue of Saddam Hussein in al-Fardus (Paradise) Square, central Baghdad .

1231: A column of US tanks arrives at the Palestine Hotel in the centre of Baghdad, where most reporters covering the war are based.

1129: US military spokesman Brigadier General Vincent Brooks says Saddam Hussein loyalists in the north - including his hometown of Tikrit - still pose a threat and "any fighting there... would be similar to what we have seen in other parts of the country".

1118: The BBC's Paul Wood in Baghdad says there has been a lot of gunfire as shopkeepers try to defend their property and rival gangs of looters fight over the spoils.

1106: Tony Blair says any declaration of surrender by Saddam Hussein's regime must come from someone with proper authority.

1038: The headquarters of the Iraqi Olympic Committee - which is run by Saddam Hussein's son, Uday - has been set on fire, the BBC's Andrew Gilligan reports.

1036: A column of US tanks takes up positions around Tahrir Square in the centre of Baghdad on the east bank of the Tigris River.

1019: "The command and control in Baghdad appears to have disintegrated," Tony Blair's spokesman says. But he warns that the US-led coalition could still face "fierce" resistance.

1018: The International Committee of the Red Cross says one of its staff members - Vatche Arslanian from Canada - has gone missing after the agency's vehicle he was travelling in came under fire on Tuesday.

1004: US troops entering Baghdad from the north-west meet resistance from Iraqi forces, the BBC's Gavin Hewitt reports.

0940: International Committee of the Red Cross spokeswoman in Geneva Nada Doumani tells the BBC that the agency's staff are unable to work any longer in Baghdad, as it is too dangerous to move around the city.

0930: US military spokesman at Central Command, Captain Frank Thorpe, says the coalition continues to be cautious and warns that "there may be many fierce days of fighting ahead".

0855: There are scenes of jubilation in the Kurdish-held town of Irbil in northern Iraq.

0850: Senior British military spokesman Group Captain Al Lockwood says it is too early to say that the Iraqi regime has crumbled.

0820: Looting breaks out in Baghdad, with no sign of uniformed Iraqi soldiers or police on the streets of the city. BBC correspondents say hundreds of cheering Iraqi civilians - chanting pro-American and anti-Saddam slogans - welcome US marines advancing into Baghdad from the east.

0702: US and British forces say they are planning to hold a regional conference soon to establish a political leadership for the whole of southern Iraq.

0652: BBC correspondents in Baghdad say their activities are no longer being monitored by Iraqi minders and they can freely move around the city for the first time since the start of the war.

0650: US marines in eastern Iraq say they have taken control of the headquarters of the Iraqi 10th Armoured Division near the town of Amara without a fight.

0630: US and Kurdish forces have captured control of a key mountain from which Iraqis have been defending the northern city of Mosul, a senior Kurdish official says.

0440: Abu Dhabi TV says 27 of its employees in Baghdad spent the "night under siege", and are waiting to be moved from what it called "the besieged area" in which US and Iraqi forces were exchanging fire.

0425: American marines are consolidating positions in eastern Iraq taken without resistance on Tuesday, and are close to being able to link up with British troops coming from Basra in the south, opening an eastern supply corridor to Baghdad.

0340: Periods of intense firing alternating with periods of calm reported in the centre of Baghdad.

0330: Sound of gunfire heard shortly after daybreak in Baghdad.

0130: Former Indian royal offers to pay for medical treatment to fit 12-year-old Iraqi boy with artificial arms, after a missile hit his Baghdad home and caused severe injuries.

0040: US military spokesman warns of swift and serious consequences if Iraqi forces fail to abide by Geneva conventions, as two airmen are missing after their F-15E plane went down on Sunday.

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