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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 2 April, 2003, 23:07 GMT 00:07 UK
Sorrow for lost cameraman

By John Simpson
BBC world affairs editor in northern Iraq

Kaveh Golestan was already well-known as a photographer and filmmaker in his native Iran when he became a cameraman for the BBC.

He brought an artistic quality and great sensitivity to his news filming and editing, moral courage too.

It is not always easy for an Iranian to work for the BBC in Iran, where the government regards it with habitual suspicion.

Kaveh's physical courage was just as strong.

Media losses
22 March: Terry Lloyd, ITN
23 March: Paul Moran, ABC
30 March: Gaby Rado, Channel Four News
Terry Lloyd's cameraman Fred Nerac and translator Hussein Othman are still missing

I first met him at Halabja in 1988, when we were both reporting on Saddam Hussein's use of poison gas against the Kurds and I have regarded him as a good friend and companion ever since.

This has been a terrible war for television news.

In 14 days we have lost two correspondents, Terry Lloyd and Gaby Rado from Independent Television News in Britain, an Australian cameraman and now Kaveh.

Significantly, all four were operating independently of the coalition forces and three of them were working in northern Iraq.

The BBC's Mike Sergeant
"He was a Pulitzer Prize winning film maker"

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