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Last Updated:  Thursday, 27 March, 2003, 13:58 GMT
Arab press laments Iraq war

With the war in Iraq in its second week, the Arabic press on Thursday continued to comment critically - some more stridently than others - on the hostilities, and to ponder what may lie ahead.

Many commentators are asking what principles will shape the new world order.

If Tel Aviv were to be hit with three Tomahawk missiles it would bring out its nuclear bombs from their hiding-places. However, Iraq is being hit with 3,000 Tomahawk missiles, but weapons of mass destruction are not being found.

Al-Hayat al-Jadidah - Palestinian

This aggression will have catastrophic effects on future developments in the Gulf region.

Al-Quds - Palestinian

The US-UK aggression against Iraq results in the killing of a child before that of a combatant and the destruction of a house before that of a military establishment. Will the international community move to stop this aggression?

Tishrin - Syria

When the Iraqi people is affected by an unjust war such as the current Anglo-American one, the only option it has is to resist, remain steadfast and transform the whole of Iraq into a grave for the aggressors.

Al-Thawrah - Syria

Perhaps Mr Straw's remarks [that the West is guilty of double standards by taking action against Iraq but not Israel] are a sign of atonement for the sins committed by Britain against countries in the region. If he wanted to do justice he should have resigned in protest against the war on Iraq and massacres committed by Israel.

Al-Riyadh - Saudi

Saudi Arabia has stressed several times that the Iraqi crisis must be resolved peacefully, but those megalomaniacs who thought they would liberate Iraq in four days were not listening.

Al-Watan - Saudi

Kuwait has repeatedly said it is not taking part in the war against Iraq, but the corrupt regime in Baghdad insists on bringing Kuwait into the battlefield.

Al-Qabas - Kuwait

Our role as individuals and groups is to exert pressure to restrain the US-British administrations, which are playing with the destiny of international peace.

Al-Watan - Qatar

All the international and regional diplomatic manoeuvres ... seem to be countering the US arrogance and the British rejection of all diplomatic efforts and initiatives.

Al-Dustur - Jordan

As we are now seeing, while it is entirely possible to decide when a war starts, it is impossible to determine when it will end.

Al-Ahram - Egypt

The US-British war against Iraq has confirmed that there is no such thing as a clean war. War is a form of the continuous massacre of men, women and children, and that is what we are seeing now on TV.

Al-Akhbar - Egypt

This war shows all the components and tactics of Hitler's Nazism: his liquidation and extermination of European peoples in seeking to draw a new map for Europe according to his whims and beliefs is very similar to what Washington is now doing in Iraq.

Al-Jumhuriyah - Egypt

The Mongols of this century will not be content with Iraq when they swallow it up.

Al-Khalij - United Arab Emirates.

Might is right: is that the logic of the world?

Al-Jamahiriyah - Libya

We do not expect Iraq to win a conventional war against the most powerful army in history, but the Iraqis will turn the invasion of this army into hell and a costly war of attrition.

Al-Arab Al-Alamiyah - London

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