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Last Updated:  Thursday, 27 March, 2003, 23:40 GMT
Iraq latest: At-a-glance
BBC News Online charts the latest developments in the Iraq conflict.

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Thursday, 27 March

2311: The United Nations reaches agreement to restart the oil-for-food programme in Iraq, the German ambassador at the UN says.

2159: The US military plans to double its troop strength in Iraq to about 200,000 in the next month, US officials say.

2150: US Air Force B52 bombers take off from RAF Fairford air base in western England.

2145: US Army 4th Infantry Division troops begin moving out of Texas bound for Iraq.

2020: More large explosions and anti-aircraft fire are heard in Baghdad.

2000: The UK ministry of defence names the two UK soldiers, which it believes are those pictured dead on Arabic TV station al-Jazeera, as Sapper Luke Allsopp, 24, from north London and Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, 36, from Essex.

1915: The Iraqi defence minister said troops were prepared to defend the capital as he acknowledges that coalition forces are closing in on Baghdad and will surround the city.

1907: US ambassador walks out of UN debate after Iraqi ambassador accuses US of trying to exterminate Iraqi people.

1718: Arab news channel al-Jazeera shows pictures of a US Army Apache attack helicopter which it said had been shot down over Iraq.

1648: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein vows to "inflict maximum material and human damage among enemy ranks" at a meeting with Baath Party senior members.

1630: Another round of heavy bombardment hits the southern outskirts of Baghdad and anti-aircraft fire is heard.

1620: Mr Blair accuses Iraq of executing two British prisoners of war.

1615: Mr Blair and Mr Bush restate their commitment to implementing the proposals for peace in the Middle East, but give no date for the publication of their so-called "road map".

1610: Mr Bush and Mr Blair say they will seek UN resolutions to secure humanitarian relief and an "appropriate post-war administration" for Iraq.

1607: US President Bush says that thanks to US-led forces in Iraq "the grip of terror around the throat of the Iraqi people is being loosened" at a joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Camp David. Mr Bush says war will go on for "however long it takes" to remove Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

1549: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says US troops are working at an "impressive rate of advance" as he addresses the US Senate to request extra funding for the war.

1446: UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix says there is no evidence from US-led forces that Iraq has used illicit weapons.

1430: Another round of heavy bombardment hits Baghdad as warplanes and sustained anti-aircraft fire are heard.

1334: Fierce fighting is raging between US Marines and Iraqi forces for control of the strategic town of Nasiriya, in what appears to be a US counter-offensive against Iraqi units, reports the BBC's Andrew North who is near the city.

1200: British tanks destroyed 14 Iraqi T-55 tanks in the Basra area on Thursday, a UK Ministry of Defence official says.

1145: UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon condemns TV footage of two dead British soldiers as a "flagrant and sickening breach" of the Geneva Conventions.

1130: Powerful explosions are heard in central Baghdad after a series of loud blasts in the city overnight.

1115: A wounded US soldier tells a press conference in Germany that his unit expected "little or no resistance". He said he had encountered Iraqi soldiers wearing civilian clothes over their uniforms.

1000: Coalition forces plan to step up their operations in Iraq in the next three days as the weather improves, according to Central Command officials in Qatar.

0950: British Challenger tanks destroyed a column of 14 Iraqi T-55 tanks and four armoured personnel carriers south of Basra in southern Iraq on Thursday morning, a UK military spokesman says.

0900: Iraq's health minister says that 36 people were killed and more than 200 injured in the previous day's US and British air strikes on Baghdad. He adds that about 350 people have been killed and 3,600 injured since the start of US-led military strikes.

0855: A missile fired at Kuwait from southern Iraq is brought down by a Patriot anti-missile battery, according to Kuwaiti defence officials.

0845: American troops using tanks and attack helicopters engaged in heavy fighting with Iraqi forces at the town of Samawah, about 150 miles south of Baghdad and on a crucial supply route. Black smoke reported above the town.

0700: US military investigating reports that 37 Marines were injured when they were hit by fire from their own side near the city of Nasiriya. The incident happened after 30 Marines were injured in a surprise Iraqi rocket attack.

0651: British forces take Iraqi state radio and television off the air in the second city of Basra. The move effectively isolates Basra from any communications with the capital Baghdad.

0556: British Royal Navy says first ship bringing humanitarian aid to Iraq has been delayed by 24 hours because of the discovery of mines. The Sir Galahad was due to dock in the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr on Thursday.

0247: The UK ministry of defence confirms that two dead soldiers, whose bodies were shown in footage broadcast by al-Jazeera TV, are "probably" two Britons who went missing during a battle near al-Zubayr on Sunday.

0058: US Pentagon spokesman says intelligence reports provide "no conclusive evidence" that coalition forces were responsible for the bombing of a Baghdad market place on Wednesday which left 14 dead.

0053: At least 10 more explosions reported in Baghdad, along with the sound of anti-aircraft fire.

0010: Reports of huge Iraqi Republican Guard armoured column heading south from Baghdad are false, US military commanders say.

The movements of those reporting from Baghdad are restricted and their reports are monitored by the Iraqi authorities.

Reporters with the US and British military are restricted in what they can say about precise locations or military plans. Click here for more details.

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