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Last Updated: Monday, 24 March, 2003, 22:57 GMT
Iraq latest: At-a-glance
BBC News Online charts the latest developments in the Iraq conflict.

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Monday 24 March

2253: Red Cross appeals to both Iraqis and Allied forces to treat prisoners of war according to international law.

2240: Prime Minister Tony Blair is to visit President George W Bush for talks later in the week, according to US Government officials.

2219: BBC world affairs editor John Simpson in northern Iraq reports coalition forces have launched air attacks on the cities of Mosul and Kirkuk. Kirkuk is the centre of the biggest oilfields in Iraq.

2135: US B-52 bombers take off from RAF Fairford in western England.

2120: BBC correspondent Paul Wood in Baghdad reports explosions to the south of the city.

2110: Iraqi TV shows videotape of two men it says were the crew of a US Apache helicopter forced down by Iraqi ground fire. The men appear uninjured and do not say anything.

1950: Arab foreign ministers meeting in Egypt condemn what they call the aggression against Iraq and call for the "immediate withdrawal" of US and UK forces from the country.

1900: UK Government orders orders the Jordanian Embassy to expel two Iraqi diplomats, saying their presence in the country is no longer acceptable.

1850: The US confirms that coalition forces destroyed a civilian bus when targeting a bridge on the Iraqi side of the Syrian border on Sunday - Damascus says five Syrians were killed.

1830: Fresh explosions reported south-east of Baghdad.

1810: Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz says the entire Iraqi leadership is "in good shape" and President Saddam Hussein is "in full control of the army and the country".

1615: The UK confirms its forces in Iraq have suffered their first combat loss with the death of a British soldier.

1558: Buses of volunteers reported heading from Syria to Baghdad to join Saddam Hussein's forces.

1533: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says the coalition objective is "to reach Baghdad as swiftly as possible thus bringing the end of the regime closer".

1510: The United States has "credible evidence that Russian companies have provided assistance and prohibited hardware to the Iraqi regime," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer says.

1425: About 3,000 Iraqis have been taken prisoners so far, says General Tommy Franks.

1420: US says only one Apache helicopter has been downed, the rest - between 30 and 40 that took part in the action - have returned.

1404: The Commander of US forces General Tommy Franks tells a news conference that coalition progress in attaining its objectives had been "rapid", at times "dramatic".

1313: Coalition forces launch fresh offensive in Nasiriya.

1115: UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says the latest Iraqi television broadcast of Saddam Hussein was not live.

0955: US defence official confirms an Apache helicopter has come down in Iraq.

0910: Iraqi television broadcasts pictures of what it says is a US helicopter shot down in Karbala, south of Baghdad.

0825: The official Syrian news agency says five Syrian civilians were killed by an American missile near the Iraqi border.

0805: Saddam Hussein promises "victory is near" in a speech broadcast on Iraqi television.

0658: Iraqi television says Saddam Hussein will make an "important and historic" speech to the nation soon.

0545: Explosions are heard amid reports of the bombardment of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

0415: Philippines President Gloria Arroyo announces expulsion of one Iraqi diplomat and one member of staff at the embassy.

0250: UK Ministry of Defence says two British troops are missing in southern Iraq after their vehicles came under attack.

0220: Australian defence officials say special forces have destroyed a missile command bunker deep in Iraqi territory.

0205: A US TV reporter says US helicopters are attacking Iraqi Republican Guard positions near the city of Karbala south of Baghdad.

0120: US military say they are investigating "sites of potential interest" following reports of US troops reaching a chemical plant south of Baghdad.

0005: Huge explosions reported in central Baghdad.

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