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Last Updated:  Saturday, 22 March, 2003, 23:55 GMT
Iraq latest: At-a-glance
BBC News Online charts the latest developments in the Iraq conflict.

[All times GMT and approximate]

Saturday 22 March

2345: US Air Force B52 bombers take off from RAF Fairford air base in the west of England.

2322: Ten US soldiers are wounded in a grenade attack at a US rear base camp in northern Kuwait.

2200: Iraqi TV reports fighting with US troops near the town of Najaf, 160 kilometres south of Baghdad. The TV said the local leader of the ruling Ba'ath Party was killed in the fighting.

2105: Explosions reported in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

2100: The US Pentagon says coalition forces have moved beyond the city of Nasiriyah and have taken over two key crossings of the Euphrates river.

2030: More explosions are heard in Baghdad. The BBC's Andrew Gilligan says parts of the city remain in darkness.

1900: US Marines leave Basra in huge convoy of tanks and head north towards Baghdad, the BBC's David Willis in Basra reports.

1830: A series of fresh explosions rock Baghdad, and some of the lights around the presidential palace go out, the BBC's Andrew Gilligan in Baghdad reports.

1820: Iraqi state television shows President Saddam Hussein chairing meetings with top government officials and expressing satisfaction at the performance of the Iraqi army.

1735: Iraq appeals to the United Nations to condemn US-led invasion. In a statement to the UN Security Council, Iraq says the invasion is a threat to world's peace.

1725: The Pentagon abandons plans for sending its 4th Infantry Division through Turkey into northern Iraq. The troops will now be sent through the Suez Canal.

1630: The International Committee of the Red Cross says its workers in Baghdad have seen at least 100 injured people, who were presented by the Iraqi authorities as war-wounded.

1620: A series of fresh explosions rock Baghdad and anti-aircraft fire is heard.

1520: US troops largely secure the town of Nasiriya, with only a few pockets of resistance remaining, the BBC's Gavin Hewitt reports.

1500: President Bush says the US will accept "no outcome except victory", but he acknowledges the campaign "could be longer and more difficult than some have predicted."

1430: Three journalists with UK commercial TV network ITN are reported missing in southern Iraq after coming under fire on their way to Basra.

1415: An Australian journalist is reported to have been killed and several other people injured in a suspected car bombing near the village of Khurmal in Kurdish-held northern Iraq.

1410: US commander of coalition forces, General Tommy Franks - giving his first public briefing since war began - promises campaign will be "unlike any other in history".

1340: Plumes of smoke rise above Baghdad, produced by pools of oil and fuel set alight around the city as a defensive measure by the Iraqis, the BBC's Paul Woods reports.

1300: Turkish military deny that its troops crossed into northern Iraq on Friday night. Kurds in northern Iraq also tell the Reuters news agency that no Turkish forces have arrived.

1255: The BBC's David Willis says US and UK forces are now confident they have taken control of Iraq's second city, Basra. He said hundreds of young Iraqi men applauded allied troops as they entered Basra, and that hundreds of soldiers have surrendered.

1230: Fresh explosions rock Baghdad.

1220: US military spokesman says southern Iraqi town of Nasiriya has fallen.

1105: Iraqi health minister says three people killed and 207 in overnight raids on Baghdad. Iraq says 207 people have been injured in the raids.

1030: UK chief of defence staff Michael Boyce says an entire Iraqi division has surrendered in the south; Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says regular Iraqi units "appear" to have pulled out of the city of Basra.

1020: Three more explosions reported in the Iraqi capital.

0920: 'Massive' contingent of UK forces including elements of the 'Desert Rats' has crossed into Iraq, officials say.

0837: US Marines officer says a "major battle" is taking place on the western outskirts of southern Iraqi city of Basra.

0825: An Iranian military commander says two more allied rockets fell in south-west, close to Iraqi border, on Saturday.

0800: Iraqi military denies surrender of entire 51st Division.

0712: UK military spokesman says seven crew dead after mid-air collision involving two helicopters.

0640: Iraqi Information Minister Mohammad al-Sahhaf says 207 civilians wounded in the bombing of Baghdad overnight.

0556: UK military HQ in Qatar says seven crew members missing after two Royal Navy helicopters involved in collision over international waters in the Gulf at about 0130.

0320: About 70 missiles are reported to have pounded Iraqi Kurdish areas controlled by Ansar al-Islam, a hardline Islamist group, accused of having links to al-Qaeda.

0236: Air attacks on Baghdad resume at dawn, with reports of at least three missile strikes and powerful explosions rocking the city centre.

0219: American B52 bombers return to UK airbase.

0024: Iraq denies torching oil wells, saying troops had set oil-filled trenches ablaze in an effort to prevent coalition warplanes from finding their targets.

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