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Last Updated: Friday, 21 March, 2003, 11:06 GMT
War gloom pervades Arab press

Arabic papers in the Middle East and elsewhere are full of foreboding and misgivings about the outcome of the war in Iraq.

Many editorials probe the long-term repercussions of the military conflict.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this war will bring about three different wars in the form of political, ideological and psychological disturbances.

Al-Quds - Palestinian Authority

In this difficult situation, Arabs must unite and agree on a unified stance because individual opinions and adventures have led Iraq into this situation.

Al-Watan - Saudi Arabia

If the USA continues to target Saddam Hussein in this manner, firing missiles at one position, more massacres should be expected among civilians.

Al-Jazirah - Saudi Arabia

What worries us is the USA's support for a group of evil people in the Iraqi opposition. No country can entrust them with leadership.

Al-Watan - Kuwait

The US administration lacked the blessings of international Christianity.

Al-Ra'y Al-Am - Kuwait

Jordan will not stop performing its humanitarian duty towards the Iraqi people... We totally reject interference with the unity of Iraqi territory.

Al-Ra'y - Jordan

We hope this war will not be prolonged and are calling for efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people, to use logic and reason to end the suffering.

Oman Daily - Oman

If the USA really wanted to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, it would have let the United Nations weapons inspectors do their job, and if Iraq really had nuclear weapons like North Korea, the USA and its allies would not dare to go near Iraq.

Al-Watan - Oman

Any issue regarding international law or the UN has now become political heresy, after the US attacked the law by launching a war against Iraq. The USA has definitely committed the greatest crime against humanity.

Al-Watan - Qatar

Without doubt the war against Iraq will leave behind a devastating effect on the international community.

Al-Ahram - Egypt

The Iraqi crisis will not end with the strike launched against it... President George Bush's decision to launch the attack without the UN and the international community's backing will open doors of evil in the region and the world at large.

Al-Akhbar - Egypt

The war has begun, and it will not cease to continue as long as there are those who have gone blind for the love of power and forget the problems facing their own people.

Al-Ittihad - UAE

The war has began and it marks a collapse of international conventions and humanity at large.

Al-Khalij - UAE

The world has been alarmed by what the USA has done, and for us Arabs yesterday was a remorseful day, and at the same time it is to be considered a black day to be recorded in our history books.

Al-Bayan - UAE

The Arab leaders will be held responsible for any child who is killed in Iraq.

Al-Jamahiriyah - Libya

The USA might benefit in installing an allied regime, but this will certainly force it into losing many regimes in the world.

Al-Shams - Libya

Iraq in the hands of the US could be better than under Saddam Hussein's rule, his dictatorship and the Security Council's sanctions which have dislocated the fabric of the Iraqi society.

Al-Hayat - London-based

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