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Last Updated:  Saturday, 22 March, 2003, 00:37 GMT
Iraq latest: At-a-glance
BBC News Online charts the latest developments in the Iraq conflict.

[All times GMT and approximate]

Friday, 21 March

2358: About 1,500 Turkish troops have crossed the border into northern Iraq, Turkish military officials say.

2357: The 51st division of the Iraqi army has surrendered en masse to coalition forces in southern Iraq, US defence officials say.

2339: Fresh air strikes on the outskirts of Baghdad.

2232: Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations attacks Secretary General Kofi Annan over new proposals for oil-for-food programme.

2136: Turkey will send troops into northern Iraq to prevent an influx of refugees, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says.

2100: Iraqi TV said al-Samoud II missiles and long-range Fatah missiles have been fired at Kuwait.

2020: Air raid sirens sound in Kuwait for the third time in the day.

1930: Turkey gives permission for US forces to use its air space, Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul says.

1930: After a short lull, a second wave of bombs begin to hit Baghdad.

1910: Presidential palace in Baghdad destroyed, with black smoke pouring out of windows.

1815: US-led forces now 160 kilometres (100 miles) inside Iraq, says General Richard Myers, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff.

1815: Heavy bombardment of Baghdad - "I've lost count of the number of explosions rocking the city," says BBC's Paul Wood.

1745: Air strikes against northern city of Mosul.

1705: US begins a 'major escalation' of its aerial campaign in Iraq, officials tell the BBC.

1705: Anti-aircraft guns open fire in Baghdad.

1645: US network CNN says its journalists have been ordered to leave Baghdad.

1630: UK Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Michael Boyce says coalition troops are advancing on the city of Basra, having captured port of Umm Qasr.

1610: French President Jacques Chirac says France would not accept a US-British post-war administration of Iraq.

1530: President George W Bush says the war on Iraq is "making progress".

1530: US defence officials say they have seized two strategically important airfields in western Iraq.

1500: US forces reach key town of Nasariya on Euphrates river, where they encounter Iraqi resistance.

1455: US-led forces intercept two Iraqi barges packed with anti-ship mines as they attempted to leave port in Iraq.

1440: At least two now known to have been killed, including a young boy, as anti-war protesters and police clash in Yemeni capital, Sanaa, security sources say.

1215: Iraq claims to have shot down a US or UK fighter aircraft at 0255GMT Friday which then crashed inside Kuwait - the Pentagon later denies this .

1145: Officials in Washington confirm that a US Marine has been killed in Iraq - the first reported combat death.

1115: Iraqi president offers cash rewards to anyone capturing an enemy soldier or downing an enemy aircraft, the state news agency reports.

1100: Iraqi port of Umm Qasr expected to come under US-UK control "shortly" - UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon.

1045: An Iraqi opposition leader says opposition fighters have engaged troops loyal to president on outskirts of northern city of Kirkuk.

1030: Kuwaiti Defence Ministry says incoming Iraqi missile shot down over north of country.

1013: Iraqi military spokesman tells news conference President Saddam Hussein is safe; denies any soldiers have surrendered to US-led forces.

1005: Giant B52 bombers take off from UK airbase.

1000: Southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr 'not yet secured' by US Marines.

0930: Dispute delays opening of Turkish airspace to US warplanes

0820 Up to 30 oil wells deliberately set on fire by Iraqi forces in southern Iraq - UK Defence Secretary.

0755: UK forces secure southern Faw peninsula but face "some stern resistance" at Umm Qasr - UK Defence Secretary.

0739: Reports of heavy US special forces activity around Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

0725: British officials confirm that eight British, four US troops killed in helicopter crash in Kuwait.

0630 A column of US troops advances at least 150 km (90 miles) inside Iraq, a report says.

0530 BBC correspondent Clive Myrie sees scores of Iraqi soldiers surrendering to 40 Commando, UK Royal Marines, in southern Iraq.

0520 BBC correspondent Adam Mynott, travelling with the US Marines, says troops are meeting stiff resistance as they enter southern Iraq from Kuwait. He says there is no sign of Iraqis surrendering.

0445 Three explosions are heard in or around the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, AFP news agency reports.

0105 Huge explosions are reported over the southern city of Basra.

0037 US CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crashes in Kuwait, killing British and American troops. The incident is believed to be an accident.

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