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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 13:31 GMT
Iraq media heaps venom

Iraqi radio and TV launched scathing attacks on the United States after hostilities began, calling for revenge attacks worldwide and warning that a "holocaust" awaited coalition forces.

Iraqi Satellite Television, which broadcasts internationally, urged: "Strike at the US interests wherever they may be", calling on "our Arab masses" to "rise up to defend your existence".

Strike at US interests wherever they may be
Iraq Satellite TV

"Our people will fight accursed America on land, in the air and at sea," it said, in a link-up with domestic TV.

It subsequently broadcast a programme in which tribal chieftains expressed support for Saddam Hussein and their willingness to fight and sacrifice their lives in defence of Iraq.


"Little [US President George W] Bush is mistaken if he thinks that he can encroach upon Iraqi sovereignty and that sending his troops to Iraq will be like a picnic. A holocaust of death awaits them," the TV had proclaimed earlier.

"The soldiers of right, the soldiers of leader Saddam Hussein - who are protected by God and the love of their people - will confront the aggression and the tyranny of Bush and his clique.

"Let them try their bad luck and they will receive their punishment. Iraq will remain impregnable to the invaders. The willpower of Iraq's people and leader will remain the strongest, God willing.

By God, the mercenary invaders will not cross. They will only reap failure
Iraqi state radio

"Defeat and disgrace to the allies of the devil, who harbour grudges against the country of civilizations, the people of glory, and mujahid leader Saddam Hussein. The Iraqis will always achieve victory over their enemies. Victory is granted by Almighty God."

Iraqi state radio similarly railed against "the evil ones, the enemies of God, the homeland, and humanity" who had "committed the stupidity of aggression against our homeland and people".

"By God, the mercenary invaders will not cross. They will only reap failure. Great Iraq is the cemetery of covetous invaders. Its land has been and will continue to be pure.


"Victory is only granted by Almighty God. Glory to those who defend their land and honour and the honour of their great homeland. Long live Iraq. Long live leader Saddam Hussein. Death to the lowly cowards," the radio cried.

O bastards, this is Iraq. It belongs to Prophet Mohammed and is the source of glorious civilisation
Iraqi state radio

Soon after, it spoke of "Iraq's valiant men. Iraq will continue to be protected by the chests of its courageous sons. It will remain proud and its banner will continue to flutter high.

"O bastards, this is Iraq. It belongs to Prophet Mohammed and is the source of glorious civilisation."

An editorial in the daily Al-Iraq dwelt on the legacy of colonialism, blaming the British for "deceiving the Arabs and exploiting their revolution against the Ottoman empire, after promising them help to free their lands and set up a unified Arab state".

'English graves'

"Britain, instead, issued an ill-fated document providing for the fragmentation of the Arab homeland into small states under a British mandate."

Our historic witness is the graves of the English colonialists

In another commentary, Al-Iraq says that "history shows that in Iraq, tyrants and colonialists dug their own graves".

"Our historic witness is the graves of the English colonialists. Does the meek lackey [UK Prime Minister Tony] Blair remember this, in order to bring it back to the mind of his master Little Bush, at a time when they are tasting defeat at the hands of the Iraqis."

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